Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Big Time Contender Knocks Off Pretender In Burger War

Our recent trek to the mountainous regions of New Mexico and Arizona for a little camping trip helped me reach a tummy-pleasing conclusion.  

This is just one man's opinion, and it will be unpopular to many of my closest friends as well as imperfect strangers: 

Blake's Lotaburger's specialty, "The Lotaburger with Hatch Green Chiles" is far superior to anything coming out of the kitchen at In-N-Out Burger.  


Monster-Style, Animal-Style, Protein-Style? Hang it up. You're the Thunder with a 3-1 series lead and one game at home.  The Lotaburger toys with you for two-and-a-half periods before firing the dagger---the Steph Curry of fast-food condiments, New Mexico's Hatch Green Chiles.

There is nothing sloppy, or napkin-grabbing about this New Mexico staple.  There are no "hip" points for ordering "off the menu".  The 70+ Lotaburger's that are mostly exclusive to New Mexico (Arizona has one and El Paso is home to three) feature "made to order" service, little or no dining space (order and go!), excellent attention to detail, superb seasoned-fries and highly desirable chocolate shakes. And that delicious slice of Santa Fe, the lovable Las Cruces lunch, the joint that puts the 'burger' in Alburgerquerque... the Lotaburger. 

I'm not going all-Lannister'y and claiming Lotaburger the ruler of the seven kingdoms without a fight.  Whataburger would still make a white-walker drool, thus remaining the closest thing to a King in the fast-food fiefdom.  All I ask of you Steak-N-Shake Supporters, In-N-Out Stylists, Five Guys Freaks---when in New Mexico (or Tucson or El Paso), do as the New Mexico'ans do. Visit the place overseen by the long-legged, pinstriped pugilist of puny taste... Blake's Lotaburger.