Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bounce Back Bracket Contest Rules and (Still Growing) List of Prizes

The "Bounce Back Bracket" Contest is open for bidness!

How many of you have suffered the High of a fabulous opening day in your NCAA bracket contest only to feel the sucker-punch of a disastrous Friday? 

Yeah. It stinks.  That bragging at the water cooler Friday morning turns into a sick day on Monday to avoid the embarrassing taunts of Jimmy, Todd and Sarah in the conference room before the morning meeting. 

This is why the sports-wife's brainchild, "The Bounce Back Bracket" is here! To save the day, save face and give you hope for a bountiful Tournament, no matter how much you stink at picking the games in one round.  That #3 seed you have playing in the national championship got upset in the first round? In a typical bracket contest, you're toast.  
In The Bounce Back Bracket Contest, you're butter side up, buddy!

Here is all you have to do:

  1. before each round of play begins that day (for example, Thursday's games tip off at 11:50 a.m. To be eligible for daily and overall prizes, you have to have the winners selected for Thursday's games emailed to me prior to 11:50 a.m.) select the winners of each game in that round.
  2. type out, just the winners, in an email
  3. send the email to: getfletchsports@yahoo.com
  4. repeat the Steps for each round.
  5. Scoring:
    1. one-point for each winner you select
    2. three-points for each double digit seed you correctly tab to win
    3. Final Four and championship games will be combined for the Final round. Include predicted final scores. The person who picks winners in all 3 games and has final score prediction closest to the actual result , gets the win for Final Four round and Championship Round.
    4. Grand prize winner: the contestant who racks up most total points at the conclusion of NCAA Tournament is our Champion!
We will award prizes for the winners of each round, plus provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize packages as well!

Prizes to be given away include:
      Grand Prize:$500 Cash courtesy:

  • 2-Yeti Travel Mugs (Courtesy: King Hardware & Gifts)
  • 2-Tailgate Chairs plus a 2014 Duck Commander       commemorative matchup football (Courtesy: Duck Commander Independence Bowl)
  • 1-Strawn's Pie per round (Courtesy: Strawn's. Duh)
  • 1 year maintenance plan on a single system for a home (courtesy: AccuTemp)
  • Steak Bag: 2 steaks, 2 twice-baked potatoes, Crackers, Cheese, French Bread, Dessert (courtesy: Cush's Grocery and Market)
  • 1 free car wash per round (courtesy: Snappy Scrubs)
  • 2 $50 Gift Certificates at Porter's (courtesy: Porter's Cleaners)
  • 1-$25 Chimi V's Gift Card for each round (courtesy: Chimi V's)
  • Grand Prize: 2 Daily Passes to David Toms Golf Academy 265
  • 2nd and 3rd place overall: 1 Daily Pass each to David Toms Golf Academy 265 (courtesy: David Toms Academy 265)
  • Gift Card/Merchandise from Great Raft Brewing + Gift Basket for Grand Prize winner (Courtesy: Great Raft Brewing)
  • 1-$50 Superior Grill Gift Card for each round (courtesy: Superior Grill) 
  • 1-$25 Gift Certificate Bergeron's Boudin and Cajun Meats Gift Card for each round (courtesy: Bergerons' Shreveport and Bergeron's Bossier City)
  • 1-$20 Twisted Root Gift Card for each round (courtesy: Twisted Root)
  • Gift Cards to Honeybaked Hams
More Prizes Being Added...

Get those picks in... before the first games each round!