Monday, December 15, 2014

Unofficial Song Of The Duck Commander I-Bowl

In honor of the upcoming Duck Commander Independence Bowl, we've gathered together a panel of professional singer songwriters to pen a tribute song.  Feel free to wave your beard in the wind and sing along to the tune of SAFETY DANCE! 

Grow your beard if you want to
You can leave your blades behind
'Cause your friends don't shave and if they don't shave
Then they'll- have beards like mine!

Say, we can grow what we want to
A face they will never find
And we can act like we come from out of the woods
Leave your real face far behind!

And- don't shave
Or trim!

We can grow what we want to
A full beard and a thick mustache
We can shape 'em real fine, wax till they shine
Man up for the I-Bowl Bash!

Say, we can go Duck Commander
Get all camo for the game!
We can watch them play ball, and blow our duck calls
Game Cocks vs Hurricanes!

And say, skip a shave, skip a shave
Turn up at the Indy Bowl!
Skip a shave, skip a shave
Tailgate not a barber pole!
Skip a shave, skip a shave
Hey, everybody look at the fans!
Skip a shave, skip a shave
Show how to be a real ma-aaan'
A real manly man!
Yeah, a manly man!

Indy Bowl if you want to
Everybody, not just men!
Come blue sky or rain, its Cocks or the Canes!
Doesn't matter we're all in!

I say, Indy Bowl if you want to
Grab a seat for your behind
'Cause your friends might share but if they don't share
Call while its on your mind!

888 414 
888 414
888 414
Everybody look at the fans!
888 414

Be a manly man!
An Indy Bowl man!
A Duck Commander man!
Ah yes, a real manly man!
Well, he's a Indy Bowl man!
Oh, the bearded man, yeah
Well, it's the I-Bowl, man
Cause he's manly man
Well, he's a bearded man
Oh, he's a manly man
Oh, he's a manly man

(Clap 5x quickly)