Monday, December 15, 2014

6-and-8! Saints Fans Would Appreciate! 6-and-8!

New Orleans has a chance to take control of the NFC South with a win tonight on the road in Chicago. Taking "control" of the putrid division is a little like winning the "Port-O-Potty Tipping Championship;" it's rank and disgusting work, but--a win is a win!
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For the Saints to enjoy the excursion to the Windy City, three things must happen:

1) The Saints front seven has to make life miserable for Jay Cutler. Sure, he LOOKS like he is miserable at all times. But to make Cutler crestfallen on the field is a near sure-fire route to victory.  Pressure him, hit him, add to his 15 picks tossed this year and enjoy the upside down smile in all it's re-frowned glory. The Saints beleaguered and battered secondary won't be able to keep Alshon Jeffrey and Martellus Bennett in check the entire game.  However, force Cutler to go to the well at just the right time, and the Saints just might add to their minuscule INT total (8)!  Keenan Lewis, with his knee looking similar to a ripe cantaloupe can't do it all by himself! Saints defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan must think he's the Wizard of Oz--checking the teams' depth chart it's evident the Saints will employ the "Ten Man" defense. 
The strange part of Ryan's out-of-the-box thinking? the position left empty wouldn't cost against the Saints salary cap... it's the FREE SAFETY!

2) Number two and the Saints defense seem to go hand in hand so often this year. They will also be asked to make sure Chicago doesn't make running the ball effectively their forte', with Matt Forte.  Limited to 18 carries over the last two games, the Tulane alum will most likely see that number of totes by the third quarter tonight. If the Saints nullify Forte, that puts the Bears offensive attack on the slumping shoulders of Jay Cutler. 

3) The four horsemen that comprise the Saints running game are at their 2014-healthiest form.  Mark Ingram, Pierre Thomas, Khiry Robinson and Travaris Cadet should see action tonight.  Predicted carries and results: Ingram-21 carries/102 yards; Thomas-9 carries/43 yards; Robinson-6 carries-42 yards and Cadet-3 carries-14 yards.  That would come to over 200 yards rushing. In one game. 

A) The Saints haven't rushed for 200 yds in a game all year
B) The Bears haven't given up 200 yds in a game a all year.

You know what they say, don't you? First time's a charm!

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There you have it. Three keys to the Saints winning tonight, moving to 6-8 and on top of the NFC South all by their lonesome.  It's not a lofty perch---but it's a playoff position perch and that's good enough for most fans of a franchise whose post-season history leaves no room for haughtiness.