Thursday, November 6, 2014

More Trouble For Parkway Football

Update (3:40 pm):
The LHSAA has ruled the player in question ineligible for the final regular season game. The young man is a senior and will miss his final game after he was allowed to participate in the Spring Game while ineligible. 

There is an additional cash fine of $700-$3,000 levied against Parkway for this violation.

There is no extension of team ineligibility through the 2015 season and no additional forfeitures as a result of this latest issue.  

The school is on Restricted Probation for 1-year.  

There will also be no litigation or attempt at arbitration to overturn the decision by the Executive Committee from Wednesday, November 5,2014.  As a result, Parkway will definitely not be participating in the 2014 football playoffs and the five forfeits will stand.  
Is there more trouble coming for the Parkway football team? Apparently so.

Parkway faces Restrictive Probation after another violation of an LHSAA rule, this one occurring during the Spring semester of 2014, has been reported.  If the ruling comes from the LHSAA in conjunction with the ineligibility violation the association dealt with Wednesday, the Panther football team's punishment will occur this season.  If the ruling carries over into next year, Parkway could be ineligible for the 2015 football playoffs.
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The newly reported violation involves a reportedly ineligible student athlete's participation in the 2014 Spring football game. As we learn more about this, we will share.

Again, though... this is an apparent rule violation that has nothing to do with the success of the Parkway players on the field in 2014 and certainly has no effect on the 2015 season.

We urge the LHSAA to uphold the rules but redirect the punishment to properly fit the violation.  Taking kids, who have done nothing against the rules, and removing them from the playoffs by forcing forfeitures is an archaic, ineffective method of dealing with the issue.