Monday, September 15, 2014

Tough Times Call For A 'Tough Bunch'

This small town was placed in a difficult situation when their school was faced with filling a void for the position of head football coach right before the 2014 season started.  It would be tough for any team, no matter how talented, no matter how deep.  It made sense that the right guy would be someone with strong ties to the community and with experience in succeeding amid tough situations.  Would they be able to find the right fit or have to settle with a blister or two and hobble through this season?
If students are signing up to play, instead of running away from a 'tough situation' lead by a new coach with a hard-nosed approach, then this shoe may have been custom made. 
Our JAWS reporter, Haylie Meadows gives you the whole story on North Caddo's Coach Chuck Dupree and the 1977 'Tough Bunch' team spirit that he brings with him...