Thursday, September 4, 2014


Preseason Coach Feaster Interview: Head coach of Parkway football team answers questions about scrimmages and the upcoming season.

Josh Lozano: Coach, how do you feel about the scrimmage Friday
night against West Monroe?

Coach Feaster: When you put it in historical perspective...
CONGRATULATIONS TO PARKWAY'S JOSH LOZANO!  The first member of the JAWS team to post a story!  Look for more from other students around the area!
The Tim Fletcher Show wants to do all it can to make sure our local athletes get the coverage they deserve so they have a better chance of being offered a college scholarship. Having student journalists work on their skills while promoting their school and athletes is a good partnership, which is why we founded JAWS! Journalist Aspiring to Work in Sports.
One student will represent their high school and will get the opportunity to gather with kids from other schools that share their passion for sports and journalism. Hopefully the input from 21-year veteran of sports journalism, Tim Fletcher, will help each student hone their skills.