Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jets Quarterback Mike Vick: God Was Punishing Me To Get Me Back On The Right Track

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New York Jets quarterback Mike Vick joined us for a few minutes on the show this morning, a couple of days in advance of the "Michael Vick Comedy Explosion Tour," premiering in Shreveport's Strand Theater Saturday evening.

We were told in advance we had ten minutes--which isn't a lot of time, especially considering Vick's past and present.  We opened the interview with questions about the seemingly odd combination of Mike Vick + Comedy Tour and he explained it stemmed from a prank phone call  in which he was the victim of Nephew Tommy of The Steve Harvey Show

Vick will spend some time Friday evening speaking to the participants in a quickly-put together football camp at Independence Stadium.  Shreveport mayor, Cedric Glover and other city officials put the camp together to take advantage of Vick's appearance in town. 

When the former first overall pick in the 2001 draft rolls up to The Strand Saturday evening, he will see protesters on one side of the street and those rallying for him on the other side.  

Courtesy: Lockerdome
Convicted for running an illegal dog-fighting operation in 2007 at the peak of his career (and in the middle of a $100 million contract with the Falcons), Vick spent 21 months locked up and waited out a year suspension by the NFL to restart his football career in Philadelphia.  

Those protesting against his appearance in Shreveport find the crimes committed against dogs too abhorrent to forget.

Those rallying by his side feel the time in prison coupled with the loss of money, fame and status is punishment enough.

When asked what he would tell the protesters, Vick said he would let them know he has made amends for his mistakes. He also said he has since, "helped more animals than I've hurt."

For those standing up in his corner, Vick would like to let them know he appreciates their support.  "People like me continue to appreciate people like them."

Callers checked in afterward to register their thoughts.  ABC said in the black community, forgiveness comes easier for those who have paid their debt to society. 

When asked what the current Mike Vick would say to the 2007 edition embroiled in the dog-fighting ring, he said, "The 2014 Mike Vick would say to the 2007 Mike Vick, not too much of a difference, just understanding of my position and what I had at stake, what I had to risk and what I had to lose. Just not, pretty-much, paying attention to life and what life had to offer and taking it seriously. That was, everything that happened to me was just God punishing me and helping me get back on the right track and doing the things that I think He put me on this earth to do."

Ralph, who had a dog stolen from his property and used in a dog-fighting ring, has no forgiveness in his heart.  "I personally would like Jadeveon Clowney and J.J. Watt would light him up if they got the chance."

Vick chose Shreveport to make his debut as a comedy show promoter based largely on the city's cultural diversity.  Plus, the "318" is fresh territory for Vick with this being his first trip to the area.