Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Think You Know The Top QB's In The First QTR? How About The Worst? Check it! Matt Yoder Joins Us!

Billy: I love that last subject, about all of these geeks and running down the stats. I believe the best that you could hope for is an 80% effort in every play from an NFL player! I don't think it comes that high for every college player. I really believe that the perfect offensive executed play is geared for a touchdown. If your offense knows exactly what is supposed to be doing and your defense doesn't, then you have to break down the play because the play is designed to be a touchdown overall. I would love if some of these guys would analyze the play that deep into it.

Fletch: Oh they do, but I believe it was ProFootballTalk.com that had Zach Strief as a Top 10 executioner. I'm in agreement with you to a certain extent. If a coach could get his players to go 100% max effort every play then you'd have the perfect football players and basically the perfect team. That would overcome the top team. You always hear about "scrappy teams" look at the Astros. "There's no way the Astro's should be two games behind the Rangers, they don't have that kind of talent!" Well, maybe not the same amount of talent but they are maximizing their efforts. There are segments during the radio show where I coast off because I know a caller will call in and be exciting and be able to carry the conversation long enough to where I can get a sip of coffee.

Four Worst Quarterback's in the First Quarter (from worst to best):

  • Joe Flacco
  • Russel Wilson
  • Ben Roethlesberger
  • Carson Palmer

Russell Wilson in the first quarter, his average drop back was 7 yards. Second quarter, 7 1/2 yards. Tony Romo was one of the top quarterbacks in the first quarter, but in the second quarter he's one of the negatives.


Russell Wilson has very bad first quarter stats, but heats it up in the second quarter. Drew Brees is on fire in the first quarter and cools off in the second. Tony Romo is, ehh, through both.

Third Quarter Top Quarterbacks:

  • Peyton Manning
  • Phillip Rivers
  • Andrew Luck
  • Nick Foles 
  • Collin Kaepernick
  • Matthew Stafford
  • Joe Flacco

It's a little eyeopening for us, but in the third quarter, Drew Brees drops it low with drop back yards going deeper, he's completing a lower percentage, he's throwing the ball shorter distances, and it's not getting into the end zone as often as the first two quarters.

Fourth Quarter Top Quarterbacks:

  • Tom Brady
  • Jay Cutler (almost 10% of his completed passes in the end zone are touchdowns)
  • Peyton Manning (8.7 yards per attempt)
  • Drew Brees (stumbles in the third quarter but if you're a Saints fan, how many times have the Saints gone in at the half up, then drop back underneath during the third, and then rise form the ashes in the fourth)
  • Andy Dalton
  • Russell Wilson (averages 8.5 yards per pass attempt)
  • Aaron Rodgers (10.6 yards per pass attempts in the fourth quarter; and he's 81% accurate in the fourth quarter)

Worst Fourth Quarter Quarterbacks: 

  • Matt Schaub
  • Terrell Pryor
  • Christian Ponder
  • Chad Henny
  • Eli Manning
  • Absolute worst? Josh Freeman 


Give me three quarterbacks who you think are good in the first quarter and ineffective in the first quarterback:
Yoder: Quarterbacks that would do well in the first quarter...Aaron Rodgers?
Fletch: You are correct!
Yoder: Brandon Wheaton?
Fletch: BUZZER!!! No!
Yoder: Russell Wilson?
Fletch: Now this will surprise you, but he's one of the top ineffective quarterbacks in the first quarter.
Yoder: Great. Now I'm 1-for-3.
Fletch: Most effective quarterback in the fourth quarter, you won't be able to guess this. I'll give you the division, he's from NFC North.
Yoder: Jay Cutler?
Fletch: Yes!

Yoder: Here's why I think this is going to be interesting this season, I was on a podcast the other day with a guy who is a Saints fan in Buffalo. So, if you think it's weird that I'm a Saints fan  it came up the Saints season this past year and how the offense struggled to complete plays. Overall, could have changed their spot in the Super Bowl. A couple of downs could have changed the course of the entire season. This specific phenomenon in the third quarter could really change the outcome for the Saints season this coming up year.
Fletch: I think you are right, the Sproles' and the Moore's are gone, will Brees have to do more to help replace these guys? Football is numbers.

Yoder: CBS has finally pulled the trigger and boosted Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts to the No. 2 slot. First for the NFL and CBS have seen a lot of turnover. Their lineup is pretty well set and stone but they're going to lose one guy, we have the exclusive details on AwfulAnnouncing.com. Jim Nantz and friends will still call Thursday night games but not Sunday games.
Fletch: Why is it such a big deal?
Yoder: It's a brilliant idea from Roger Goodell and team to make more money than God. Once they got a half season on . Now what the NFL has done with this Thursday night package, they can do why not take half of these games and sell them to the highest bidder? That's where CBS stepped in. They're going to simulcast the first 8 games of the deal on NFL Network and CBS and the last 8 games will be only on NFL Network.
Fletch: It seems ikea they're cutting they're nose off to spite their face. It's like the league is saying "Eh, whatever, let's just make the money."
Yoder: That's exactly what's happening, they can get the 100's and 100's of millions of dollars.

The World Cup Thursday:

How successful do you think the World Cup will be as far as a "viewed product"
Yoder: Way up, you're going to the see a lot of these matches in time-time. 2010 was the most watched television event. I think we're going to look back
Fletch: The U.S. first game is against Gana. That could be the highest rated soccer game in the history of televised soccer games.
Yoder: Especially for that revenge factor. I think we've reached the point where the World Cup is really like the Olympics, it doesn't matter what team is playing, people will be watching.

George Whitfield Story: 

Fletch: I felt vindicated. This is the second time a national journalist has taken advantage. First with one of them not giving me credit for my story that I had first and second Bruce Feldman. It seems like we've had a couple of instances where the big national guys try to squash the little local guys. Is that a trend?
Yoder: As I spoke to you Friday, there's always going to be that struggle between the local and national guys. The local ones are going to be going to every game and every day getting work but then the national guys are the ones you see. They have the relationships with the viewers. Now with social media, it's leveled the playing field so much. It's magnified maybe a struggle that was there in past years and past times but it's brought it more to light because we are all on the same playing field now. I think it might take a while for the industry to come to terms and get a grip on the fact you that don't have to go to journalism school to break the news.

Rafe: I'm curious as to why your investigation, not that you necessarily meant to expose him, but why that is such a tender spot and why do you think you got the reaction that you did? I don't know why he kind of wants to protect this thing, this aspect of his resume. Whether he can help quarterbacks or not, and get hype.
Fletch: That's one of my biggest arguments in the first place. I'll give him Manziel. Because we don't know what the factors were before he was with George. For all we know, Whitfield had a hand in helping Manziel. He worked with three other guys who were already very, very accomplished and continue to be successful. When I was doing my research, the columns on him