Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Harry Caray; LSU Baseball; Eric Harper; Horse Races Need to Continue

Harry Caray diary tracked every drink and every bar in 1972. Grant DePorter, CEO of the Harry Caray eatery line, was the guy who had this diary from cleaning out Caray's office. In 1972 he just began his tenure with the Sox. Caray was still tallying his bar tab in 1972. Harry Caray would get a bonus if the attendance would meet whatever expectations they had and he'd go to bars to try and drum up business and get more people in the game.

ABC: The teams that host these national seeds lost is because they took their opponents and their regions lightly and they were better coached.
Fletch: Yeah, the top 4 national seeds that bounced out all had the highest RPI regions.

Eric Harper, 6"3 305lb 8th grader from CMM, got back from Les Miles football camp and his mother updates us! 

Fletch: How did the young man handle his first camp?
Harper: It was awesome. He was ready, all of his training with Coach Mary at SpeedWorks, it was like a normal day in the gym. Of course he was well recognized because of his stature and he really held himself well.

Fletch: What were some of the things your boy, Eric Harper,
Harper: He absolutely, they spent a lot of time with him but no one spent near as much time with him as Nate Living. He was just amazing, all of these coaches and the mentoring that they've invested. Mr. Living would stretch with him and help him, he's a big guy too. Big guys don't go through the same things that the smaller guys go through.

Fletch: As a mom you see the recruiting stuff and sometimes they aren't nice things, how do you handle that?
Harper: Well, we're riding home and he's reading in the back and I gave him the phone and some of it isn't so nice but some of it is true. His daddy and I both told him that some people will always be envious, jealous, or even just trying to bring you down but he's got so much of a support system that makes the good outweigh the bad. We're willing to plan on making some changes to help E become the best he can be.

Fletch: What were some of the things the coaches told Eric as far as things they liked that he did?
Harper: They said "You'll be back next year, and you need to plan on coming back to camp." They were saying that's how to stay on the radar. One coach pulled Eric out in front of 400 people during the indoor drills to use him as an example for the high-knees drills because he's been doing those exact things the past few years at SpeedWorks.

Fletch: Where do you guys think he will play in high school?
Harper: Oh Fletch...our home school is Shreve but he's gateway so that may be Byrd. He's going to tour around and his only concern is about playing ball. Our family has always had a plan and we've believed that there has already been a bigger plan made for us so we're just trying to live it out!

MCD: I wanted to make sure you guys are keeping an eye out for my child and you made need to call 9-1-1. He's been cooking for himself lately...HA! Cleaning up after yourself is a big thing. He came into my room and I noticed the bacon he was eating was pliable and glistening of botulism.
Father: So he's not exactly the King of the Culinary is he?
MCD:'ve gotta keep an eye out.

"Why Candice is ditching Tony Romo's 'love sack,' and why you can have it"

^^^Probably not the headline you want to read if you're a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Candice and Tony are having a garage sale to raise money for the Nexus Recovery Center. The big prize item is an old bean bag that Tony had before they were married. In the Dallas News article, she says "It kind of like molded to his body just perfectly...Whoever gets that probably needs to wash it really good. Or just get a whole new cover."

When you refer to something as a "love sack," you probably shouldn't include things like 'wash it really good' or mentioning the thought of buying a totally new cover. Gross.

G$: I want to break out into song, but it's "a love sack, it's a little old place where...."
Syd: "You can get a diseaaaaseeee...."
G$: As I say in my next comment, I realize that every baseball loving parent and fan will say its much more complicated than that. We walked into a season this year at Parkway with 4 pitchers. Coach Bryant walked into the room and told them he needed 6 innings minimum every time they throw. Mr. Bowman was at 66 pitches, he plays for LSU where his life is class and baseball. He needed to put himself in a position to be able to throw 100+ pitches. You're playing at LSU, you've got to be ready. I know there are other factors that may have changed this too, but come on. There are coaches in this area that have that one pitcher who they rely on and they overplay him. There's a next level, but you can't live your life on that kid. You should be able to throw 100 pitches at that level every time.
Fletch: I think that's a good bar to be set. 100 pitches are not out of the ordinary, when you get to 120-125, that's too much.

LJ: I just wanted to follow up on G$'s call. Is something broke about LSU and that game on Sunday? Whether Bowman wanted out or if Mainieri just pulled him?
Fletch: Well, Hunt Palmer, from Bayou Bengals Insider, was thinking to his knowledge Mainieri was just pulling him before it was too late. Was LSU going to win a National Championship? Eh, odds were against them. Their side of the bracket now looks a little safer, but I don't think they would have won the title. The seniors should be at the CWS though.
LJ: Texas plays more of that game.
Fletch: It'll be more interesting if Lafayette gets there and plays this gorilla ball because they are smashing it.

A former high school player walked on to the Brown's field for an attempt at a walk-on position. The team escorted him off the field. He said he just wanted to show what he was capable of. Geeze!

Ralph: I heard somebody yesterday talk about LSU being 'bums'. It just boiled my blood. Those boys gave us solid months of great baseball and entertainment. You really didn't think they had a shot?
Fletch: I though they would make it to the tournament but I think they would've had to make a hot streak to host their own regional. You know what was really fun though was watching Nola.
Ralph: Man, don't you wish Carson Baranik was still wearing purple and gold? I'm going to root for the Ragin' Cajuns.

James: There's a triple crown on the line this weekend. They're trying to do a mid-summers for NY because of the weather. As a racing fan and as a sports fan as well, people have got to start coming to that track out here or we're going to lose it. I'd love to one day get on and talk more into detail about it and some of it is Harrah's but also the other ones.
Fletch: If you're a casino owner, would you rather have your customers at the craps table, poker table, slots? Or watching a horse race every ten minutes?
James: I think we need to court someone that only has one entity. The casual fan, you need to keep coming.