Monday, June 2, 2014

George Whitfield; 8th Grader Eric Harper is 6'3 and 300 lb!

Player of the Day: Jared West from the Houston Cougars, even though he gave up two runs, it's a local kid playing in Regionals!

Fletch breaks George Whitfield's cover: 
"I wouldn't be on ESPN if I wasn't vetted."

Whitfield: I've got friends like John McClain and Chris Mortensen.
Fletch: Whoa, I don't care how much you name drop. Please don't try to drop names on me to intimidate me, I may be the local local, but what I do on the local level is what Chris Mortensen does on the national level.
Whitfield: What if you worked out for the Kansas City Chiefs? You try out and work out but then you get cut. You go through Saints training camp but you get cut after a week. What would you put on your resume?
Fletch: Did you get a paycheck from them? (No.) Then I would say I was a waiter, I've had a radio show, only jobs that I received a paycheck from.

Bama Doug: Man, what are you doing stepping on people's toes and rattling their cages?
(Then we got disconnected.)

Vick: Don't sweat that cat man. You did your job and you did your thing. If he falsified his resume then that's on him. The reason I say that is because we've talked back in the day and you know Brandon is in my family. I got letters from the Chiefs, the Bucs, the Cowboys, etc. none of that went on my resume but where they did go was in frames. I put all of them in frames and I tell kids that think they are too small or they aren't good enough, and I show them that there are teams that thought I could at least try out for them. You did your job. He fudged his resume so he could get other jobs.
Fletch: Now, because his resume shows 2002-2006 he was the arena league QB. Why put that on your resume if you weren't actually the quarterback?

Bama Doug: It's okay for everyone to stretch the truth except for Saban. What did Tubberville say? "The only way you'll get me out of here is in a pine box!" And then he was out of there in a couple of years. What did George say on Seinfeld? "It's only a lie if you don't believe it."
Fletch: Some of my buddies were saying, if you're going to lie at all why say the Battle Wings? I would have said the Cowboys or the Saints!

Laura Harper: At the Les Miles Football Camp in Baton Rouge. Her son is Eric Harper, an 8th grader at CMM, who happens to be 6"3; 305 lbs. Size 15 cleats. So......yeah.

Fletch: What happened as you were going through the line with soon-to-be 8th grader.
Harper: Tehy sent him through the line with an index card and you go through a channel of stations and then the North practice field with the reach and what not. They come from busses in the dorm. We're waiting in the foyer for these kids to go through. I asked one of the coaches if they had seen a little fellow that's 6"3 and he said "The one from Shreveport? Yeah he's already in there." Cam Cameron came up after the 40 yard dash and was asking him where he was from and what not.
Fletch: I told you guys that he's going to start getting noticed. There may be something coming y'alls way maybe even before y'all leave this camp!
Harper: Well I want to thank Coach Matt Mary at SpeedWorks for everything he's ever done.

Sports Wife: I am just proud to say that outside of Fairfield Magnet School, me and Laura were goofing around and Eric and Pearce were playing. Eric wasn't playing football yet so I made him line up across from me and I'm like "Come at me!" So there I am teaching Little E some of his first football moves. That kid has been put in the gifted program and his parents have done such an amazing job raising a kid that is so humble and sweet and brimming with confidence.

Lucky Jack: Sports Wife could put 'football coach' on her resume.

LJ: That was a good game last night and it was a win-win situation. I went to U of H so I guess I could say I graduated from there...
Fletch: You could put it on your resume.
LJ: Pitchers never ever ever beg out. They can always get that one more guy. I would have difficulty believing that at all. I thought they really made a tactical error when they tried to bunt Grayson.

Ralph: I'm still trying to wrap my head around those last two innings. I put that loss on the coach. I would have never pulled Bowman.

The Fletcher family saw Cupcake at the Farmer's Market, they ignored him. Kind of like when you see someone you sort of know at the grocery store and you hurry to next aisle over to avoid actual contact with them.

The Dallas Cowboys instal ballet bars to help the players get loose. Will they be wearing tights and tutus? We will find out.

Matt: Tech baseball, we're still looking for a coach. If I'm guessing, Lane Burroughs as a name. I look at his track record and he's spent 8 years at Southern Miss. He knows the area so he'd be good at recruiting.
Fletch: It would be a good pickup. They've interviewed the hitting coach from Southern Miss and the Tulane coach. What Lane has done is he's really recruited the area of the state really hot and heavy. Wade just did not do well at all with that.