Thursday, June 12, 2014

Game Four; Guess Who's Rocking the U.S. Open?; World Cup; Excitement.

Billy: I want to talk a little U.S. Open with y'all. What is the overall take on this course? Is it a regular course or what?
Fletch: No, they've done pine straw and little nubs of grass instead of divets.
Billy: Can one golfer go out and shoot 10 under on this course? We've seen people blow a 72 and then get a 63.
Fletch: The target for this U.S. Open is "even."
Billy: When I watch the Masters or the British Open, I'm looking for mounds or divets. In the U.S. Open, I want to grind out even par. I want a guy to start with a full head of hair and end up bald.

Teams that take a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals has happened 31 times. Out of the 31 times this has happened, that team has won how many of the 31? Every. Time. Give it to the Spurs if they win Game Four tonight. You heard it here. Yep. Yes.

Sylvia: This is probably very minor. For nearly a year now, I've been trying to get the Times to change the channel listing from the SPEED Channel to Fox Sports 1.

Its 11 weeks until college football starts. At first that starts to sound like a long time, but just 11 weeks ago, the Sweet 16 was getting ready to start. See? Time flies when you're having fun.

Fletch wants to cal the United States Men's National Team "the Eagles."

U.S. Open update with David Toms:
David Toms parred the 12th hole. David Toms just got a birdie, now -1 over all!

The Arkansas Razorbacks have the second best running back tandem in the SEC, Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams don't take a backseat to too many guys. You've got an awesome tight end in Hunter Henry, but remember he had a concussion last year so you've got to be concerned about that. Arkansas needs to run the ball and give it to Hunter Henry and move the chains when possible.

Fletch's hero, Lettermen threw out a joke and then said "That was my nickname in college." Fletch freaked out. "I'M THE NICKNAME IN HIGH SCHOOL, NICKNAME IN COLLEGE GUY!"

David Toms UPDATE: 
David just walked off the green on Hole 14, DT carded his 2nd birdie! Your leader of the U.S. Open!!! He's tied with Snedeker, Kuchar, Simpson, and Fitzpatrick.

World Cup gets underway today, Brazil vs. Croatia. NBA Finals Game Four tonight! If the Spurs take a 3-1 lead, then it's over.

Griffin Fan: I'm telling you, you guys have gone from World Cup to U.S. Open to NBA Finals. Man! Juice Box is probably freaking out. I got a tweet this morning from someone, I won't say who it is, but the tweet said:
 : OMG!!!! !!!! So many women!!!”my bedroom is like a circle k, women running through 24-7"

Griffin Fan: I want to say welcome home to Jared West, he's a very good kid. I'm glad he got away from Houston.  We have a new Shreveport-Bossier Marathon now. It will start in 2015.
Fletch: Wait, wait, wait. Is this legit?
GF: Yes! I saw it on Facebook and I liked the page. I think they must have heard y'all talking about it a few weeks ago.

Tricky Par 3 on the 15th Hole. He took our advice, walked off the green with a Par! Snedeker birdied so now David is tied for 2nd. 16th hole is 528 yards, resort play would make this a Par 5 but during the U.S. Open, its a Par 4.

Ralph: Watching this first round of the Open. Toms almost birdied 15. CWS, who you like Fletch?
Fletch: Virginia and Vanderbilt for the title to me.
Ralph: Eh, I'm looking at Virginia but also Ole Miss.