Friday, June 6, 2014

Dehydration; Fletcher Defends Himself Against National Attack (FYI NOT ALIENS)

Fletch: Dehydration does not cause muscle cramps...that was a study a few years ago.
Killer Dawg: I've got it twice in my life and I've been running for more than 20 years. It is the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced. I don't know what happens. One time it was on Clyde Fant Parkway and I couldn't move. Two people had to drive onto the actual parkway and pick me up. It was so painful, my calves were rippling and you could see it! I run with a lot of preparation and a lot of hydration and it still happened. Both times it happened it wasn't on an excruciating hot day.
Fletch: It happened to me in an air conditioned gym! It wasn't because the air conditioning ran out. Well, it could've been. I have no idea!

G$: If you had a heart problem, would you go to the mechanic? If you had a personal plumbing problem, would you go to a plumbing-ologist? I'm going to stop there.
Fletch: I think this has to do with my rapping skills...
G$: You've got to learn how to be more airy. But look I'm not sure I'm on board with the LSU recruit, Mac Marshall.
Fletch: Thursday night there was an article that said "It's a waiting game, we'll see." Let's play devil's advocate. This may be a ploy from his advisors to scare off some other teams or something.

Going Crazy: I feel bad for Syd having to listen to all of that rapping.
Syd: Thank you.
Fletch: She enjoyed it, she was dancing!
Syd: I was not dancing.
GC: I don't know if running-in-pain qualifies as dancing.

12th Man: I just got out of CVS and saw Syd walking out with some bars of soap! Is the bumper music themed for the basketball game from last night?

EH: Dude, I'm about as pissed off as you are. How long have you been in the media?
Fletch: 20 years.
EH: How serious do you take your career?
Fletch: Very seriously.
EH: I have been in my profession for a long time as well and I take it seriously too. Someone discredits my work or talks falsely about my name? I'm going to fight like a dog until I get my name correct. You are doing what any other man would do to protect his name. You are doing the right thing. You have done nothing wrong.

EH: I don't care if you're a local yokel or a national headliner. As far as this goes, you can't ruin a man's credibility. You tried numerous times to get in touch with him, it was a story about Brandon Harris for Pete's sake! Then you see he played for the Battle Wings? Of course you're going to follow up on that.

Lucky Jack: Continue to fight the fight man. If you let this go and let them smear you, you won't be able to sleep at night. There's one person that has their pulse on a whole lot of things, Josh Booty knows so much about everything.
Fletch: Ha! We were talking about him yesterday

Terry: Listen, one thing I've always been told. Do you have a screen shot of the resume before it was changed? I know you have two young people working for you that are probably much more tech savvy than you and me, but everyone knows that once it's on the internet, it can never go away.

Griffin Fan: I was between my work truck and my personal truck and turned off my radio pup and all the sudden when I started listening again this Whitfield thing again! You're getting everyone P.O'ed at you man! I kind of wondered about Whitfield and Feldman and then that Juice Box kid. They probably are in it together. We all have your back dude. You have a lot of followers here and we will always have your back.

ABC: Here's my problem with this fool. If you lie on your resume, the people that are defending him are probably going to get paid by him and they don't want to lose THEIR credibility. I think he gets a cut, there is something fishy about these people defending him.
Fletch:  I appreciate it ABC, you've always had all of our backs and always supported us.

Phil: I played basketball with Robert Parrish years ago! Am I a Celtic?