Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bunkie Perkins from; Jacob Hester Hangs Out in the Studio!


Bruce Feldman wrote an article trying to discredit Fletch's article:

Fletch: I said why are you carrying the flag for George, Bruce? Is it because you're writing the book about him in November? He said he's not the focus of the book but he is mentioned. He wrote an article saying that he can credit it because the coach of the Chicago team says he remembers George coming to a try-out.
Perkins: It's not a paid paycheck either that's what is so weird about this.
Fletch: I kept asking him where did you get information about George playing for the Battle Wings back in 2012. He told me he would contact his editor and get them to change it because 'I couldn't find any validation."

Perkins: Like I said, he's writing a book about QB gurus and George is prominently the top guru so he is prominently in the book. His sources for him? Where do you think he got the sources? George Whitfield! We can get into the semantics of "are you on a team if you try out." If I practice against the Lady Techsters am I a Lady Techster? You know that's what happened. Whether you can say it or not, I'll say it, that's what happened.
Fletch: He went to work with Roethlesberger in 2010. I'm pretty sure he was a pretty good quarterback before seeing the guru. He worked with Andrew Luck and Cam Newton, not in their college years but to help prepare them for the draft. Last time I checked they were both pretty good quarterbacks before the help of George. Johnny Manziel worked with him. We don't know how Johnny Manziel was as a quarterback before George because he wasn't a quarterback before he was helped by Whitfield.
Perkins: It's just really weird to lie about something like this. And it's really disingenuous to have someone writing a book about you and continuing to lie about the facts. Let's say he was trying out sporadically for NFL teams for those six years, what was he doing besides that then?
Fletch: I asked him that and then he started freaking out saying I was insinuating things and other things about his credibility.
Perkins: I get it because he's got a lot riding on his reputation and riding on his credibility. In the attack, he's probably going to over-defend. I get that, but still.
Fletch: It's more of his decision to not take that off his website.

Jacob Hester hanging out in the studio with us! 

What was that like when you finally got to graduate?
Hester: It was great. It's something that I...obviously I didn't get to finish at LSU because I left to play some professional football for six years. I was really excited to walk and I got my cap and gown and everything, but then I found it was Saints try-outs and well, I chose that. It was worth it.

Do you put the Saints on your resume?
Hester: No, I practiced with the Saints, wore the helmet, scored a touchdown. I was there, had a number and everything, ha! But I would never put that on my bio! That would be like me putting the Detroit Lions, the Chicago Bears, I'm trying to think about who else I've tried out for. I wouldn't put that.

Who got the contact for Saints tryouts? 
Hester: It was a really quick situation. My agent called and said he had a small thing going and Tuesday the Saints called me and I was practicing with them on Thursday. I know I'm not going to get signed they told me they were bringing me in more to see if someone got injured, could they call me and I could get there in two days and pick up the offense. It took the pressure off me knowing that was where their mind was. I swear every rookie would come up to me and say "Yeah I remember watching you play in middle school and in high school!" I'm like "'GOSH!".

Hester: I guess I'm their injury back-up guy. That's the only rough part about it, when you're in this career limbo, you have to ask 'Do I work out like I'm going to get signed ever again or not?'

Is it a daily basis you think 'do I train today or not?'
Hester: Well, it's definitely a fight. It's definitely something to struggle with. Luckily, I do lessons with the youth and I don't even realize that I'm doing the drills while trying to show them. Going down to New Orleans I'm like wow, working with these kids really did keep me in shape. It felt like I never left football.

G$: Lifting local youth bench pressing. Is that your workout?
Hester: When you're teaching these younger kids you gotta get creative! Two things about working with kids is you can't have things

What was your scariest moment at LSU?
Hester: When Hurricane Katrina hit, I was in shreveport and we were all on a break and coach miles calls all the players back and tells us to get back to baton rouge because if this thing hits and we're all across the country we won't be able to get back. From Shreveport to Baton Rouge, I got on the interstate and I was the only car from the entire way back to Baton Rouge. But traffic from Baton Rouge to Shreveport was bumper to bumper. We had a practice that night and we slept in the indoor. Then the hurricane hit and my roommates family lived in New Orleans and they had nowhere to go. Once we had the power back on at our dorm we had 12 people sleeping in there. In a dorm room.

Les calls you out everywhere he goes, whats it like out there in the crowd when Les falls all over himself calling you out?
Hester: I think he knows stuff like that embarrasses me and that's why he does it ha! I could call him right now and he would drop whatever he was doing to talk to me. He's helped me in many more ways than one, every time he sees me he asks if there's anything he can do to help me. He's one of my Top 5 favorite people, he's that nice and that funny. Everything you see on TV, that's really how he is.

You've been around quarterbacks who aren't flashy, level-headed. Then you've got guys out there who ARE flashy like Johnny Manziel. What are the pros' and cons of each of those?
Hester: Phillip Rivers is a standout kind of guy who does everything the right way, but when you talk about emotions, he is the most competitive person I've ever been around. It's learning when to shelf it and went to let it go and use it. He's good at that. Peyton is the same way. It's all relative to how the person controls it. I've seen Phillip lose his mind for a couple of minutes but then he pulls it together and knows he's the leader of this team and has to. It's probably good that Bortles is going that way too.

When you look at Johnny Manziel going to the Browns, if he ends up starting at quarterback, on a scale of 1-10 (1 being not good at all, 10 being lights out) what do you think his year would be like?
Hester: It depends on how he gets there. Whether its injury or talent alone. People forget that the Browns have talent on their team. It's kind of talent that plays to Manziels strings. I think he can succeed. If he goes out there and beats Hoyer for the job and starts in the beginning I think he can do it. I'm not going to doubt him until he proves me wrong.

As a fan of football, what's your assessment of Johnny Manziel as a fan?
Hester: I've had two conversations with him in my lifetime, they were normal, good conversations. We were talking about how he grew up in Tyler and he was the ball boy at one point for me and Matt Flynn.

Is he a different quarterback coming into the league than what we've seen in the years?
Hester: I think so. More Russell Wilson than RGIII. He's not looking to scramble for 20 but it just happens.

What do you think the motivating factor for training in West Virginia is?
Hester: I think they're trying to build chemistry. It's like when a major company takes their team on a retreat for a few days. When you're practicing football from six in the morning to ten at night, you're going to get that. The weather in Metairie in August is the worst so maybe they're trying to cut out time that people had to miss during training camp.

Who was quarterbacking at the Saints practice?
Hester: Actually it was Jordan Jefferson. He's talented! He can really spin a football. Rusty Smith, a guy who's been in the league for a little bit, I think five years. Another guy, an un-drafted rookie from Ohio State.
Fletch: As a football dork, you watch the videos of him in high school, he was crazy good. It's a shame Jordan didn't get to have the benefit of Cam Cameron. It's obvious that there's a difference. The year Zach didn't have Cam Cameron vs. the year Zach DID have Cam Cameron is very easily seen.

Griffin Fan: Jacob, just wanted to let you know, I'm a huge fan of yours. Always have been, always will be. I really wish the Cowboys would get their heads out of their butts and sign you. They need help. And quick. You tweeted out a question earlier that said "Guess who's in the studio with us? Winner gets to hang out with Cupcake for a week!" Can I change my prize? Can I switch out Cupcake to hangout with Jacob?