Thursday, May 15, 2014

Power Conferences; Rodney Guin's Daughter Mallory Updates Us!

Goin' Crazy on the power conferences and keeping the non power conferences at play.

Dr. TV: There are so many reasons that I think Saban should get his minimal facilities tested. This should never happen. Instead of Alabama having those extra two home games, they'll have to play one of the Big 5 teams. They don't want to give up those two games. It would destroy the NCAA.
Fletch: Alabama sets the rules and thats it. They are a Fortune 500 company. You guys can have the Mom-and-Pops. Boom college football secedes from the NCAA, boom they become their own deal on a secluded island.
Dr. TV: I understand why some people would like to see that but you'd have to get legislatures to sign for that. There's no way that these schools are going to be able to argue they need everyone's tax dollars so they can play with each other.

Bama Doug: These Tennessee fans hate Alabama more than they love Tennessee. If Saban came out with the cure for cancer, they would still hate them. But they want to protect schools like Tech, I love Tech but they turned down a bowl game. There's a downside to a subpar team going to a bowl game. Alabama tried that with Michigan and with Penn State. For some reason these other schools don't want to play because they're getting their butts kicked.
Fletch: It's the circle of life. Alabama is a black fox, they go eat the baby geese. It's the food chain. They're going to take care of their own business.
Bama Doug: It's all business man!

Rafe: I was going to remind Bama Doug that Tech has played Bama over there at home. There may be a reason why Saban doesn't want to play the smaller teams from smaller conferences. Even though  the dichotomy isn't the same as every team.
Fletch: If I'm Illinois, I'm not letting go of that tete.

Coach Rodney Guin's daughter Mallory Guin joins us from Dallas to update everyone on her father's recovery. 

What has this process been like? 
Mallory Guin: It was just surreal. We waited weeks to see him and when he opened his eyes and recognized us it was the best day. It was the best Mother's Day and the best day for me and my sister ever.
How far along is he?
Guin: He's out of the woods for sure. He really wants to be back on the football field but he has to get some rehab first! I think they're moving him to the rehabilitation center today.

When is it 'Hello-Haughton'?
Guin: Dad wants it to be today but it'll be at least a couple of weeks. We have to prepare him for that car ride.

Most frightening moment:
Guin: Friday night after the heart attack we didn't really know what was going on and they came in and told us that there wasn't really much else they could do and it was all up to him. They were trying to prepare us for the worst.

How did it go from being prepared for the worst to him now playing Yahtzee? 
Guin: I don't use the term 'miracle' loosely at all, but that's exactly what happened. The doctors can't explain it, he can't explain it, no one can.

At one point, there was a point of pneumonia and respiratory problems.
Guin: He had the heart attack and then he was on ventilators and other machines but thats when the pneumonia started creeping up and eh developed something called ARDS which is basically respiratory failure. We wrote on Caring Bridge because we wanted to remember what was happening. During the day something would happen and then two hours later you would forget something.

Is there a medical term for anything that can explain?
Guin: I think the doctor put it well, he came in and said "You shouldn't be here. You were a train wreck and you should be, you know, six-feet-under." I think all we can say is that the odds were against him in the beginning and he pulled through it.

What has your mom's emotions been like?
Guin: I think the first few days were really hard for my mom. My dad stopped being the football coach, and she was there for him at every game since it started. Once we got to Baylor, we were receiving some good news and she was better. They have been married for 32 years and I think 33 years is coming up soon. He's been a coach for 31 years.

Have you guys been at least a little surprised with the outpouring of support?
Guin: We're all still overwhelmed with everything that the community has done. We would never expect anything like the support we've been given. It's just such a testament to my parents and my dad. He's such a good man. We all feel so blessed.

Any of his former players checked in on him?
Guin: Even his first team at Princeton Middle School have been calling him and checking on him!

What about his coaching fraternity? 
Guin: It's been crazy. People that coach with dad of course have been over multiple times a week. There's a coach at Ruston High and they have their spring game this week, and all the proceeds from the gate are going to my dad. It's just an outpouring of love from everyone and not just Haughton, Shreveport, and Bossier, but all over Louisiana.

Is there anything official for people to contribute to?
Guin: Right after it happened, people started to offer us money and at first we were like "Thank you, we love you but we don't need it." After a while we realized that really is the only thing people can do. There is an account set up at Citizen's in Haughton. We have more than we need, more than we ever expected or hoped for. There's also one at Barksdale Federal.

Will your dad be back coaching in the fall?
Guin: He told Mr. Couvillion that he definitely would be back coaching but he didn't know about teaching! He's been so impatient with his rehab because he's so ready to get back out there.

Lucky Jack: Here's the deal Tim, there's an old saying, once you get done looking at all the evidence then you get the answer. Rodney isn't supposed to be with us but he is such a good guy and so many people have been praying for him and thinking about him. There's no explanation why he's here but he is. Prayer is a powerful thing.

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