Thursday, May 8, 2014

NFL Draft Talk!

Billy: Some pm will get overpaid and at some mini camp the coach is going to look at the DM and say "why did we pick this kid?" For all we know, some guard can stone Clowney after being in the league for 4 years.
Fletch: That's the thing people are scared about with Jadeveon Clowney, will he turn the motor on or not? Who is the most sure-fire draft pick? Greg Robinson, according to the mock draft, is the safest best.
Billy: Michael Clayton was as good as it gets, he had two years in the NFL that were good and then he was off the map. Mettenberger has a great arm, but a lot of the time he just looks lost. I think he's iffy at best. If he finds the right team, then great, and some kids turn on the motor for the money, once the money comes in they light it up.

Cajun Mike: I disagree with the previous caller, Mettenberger improved from his Junior to Senior year over night because of Cam Cameron. He's pro typical, he's tall, he can't run out of sight, but he's accurate. Now Manziel, he's a phenomenal athlete. He made a bunch of 19-year-olds look silly, but this is different ball game. He's got a big arm, he's fast.

Rafe: I want to give you the best QB in the draft that no one has talked about. I did this with a couple of years ago. This kid was injured at Utah State. I can not for the life of me access his name, he's out of Texas. He is as good as Johnny Manziel. People would know it if he had played for a different team. Chuckie Keeton. I think he is a legit pro-prospect that will make a splash in the NFL. There's a couple out there that I think won't but I'm not going to go into that. Tech N' Tails: Is Kenneth Dixon the best running back, NFL potential, to play?

RP: Good morning sir, I found Johnny Manziels walk-in music. Beer Run.

JR: I think we may see a record of trades in the first round. San Francisco has 11 picks.
Fletch: They could really make some noise. I think they're going to go with a wide receiver early in the draft and they need a cornerback. I still think Jarvis Landry will be a first round pick. I believe Johnny Manziel will go to Jacksonville.
JR: I think Jerry Jones will take a kicker out of Fresno State.
Fletch: Todd, what do you think about Johnny Manziel?
Todd Walker: After the last five minutes, now I'm thinking Johnny Manziel will drop out!

Lucky Jack: I started looking at some deals, I read an interesting article that said it took 20 of the in-the-know draft guys and only 8 times did they pick correctly out of 200 picks. No one has picked the first 5. After reading those statistics, I decided I'm just going to watch.
Fletch: That's why I'm trying to get them right so we can show the big guys that the little people's are capable!

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