Monday, May 5, 2014

NFL Draft Talk

Browns and Bucs are two teams that are absolutely hellbent on getting a WR.

Fletch: More than anything, Jacksonville needs an identity. If they took Johnny Manziel and he earned the starting quarterback in training camp, well he probably wouldn't even need to earn it there, would you watch the Jaguars?
RP: The only reason I would watch anything from Jacksonville would be if I had one of their players on my fantasy team. They have absolutely nothing there for him to throw to. I think it's putting a Ferrari engine in a Prius. The problem with Houston is, there's no No. 1 QB that they really want.
Fletch: The only team that may trade up to the First-First Round Pick is the Raiders, or the Falcons trading up for Jadeveon Clowney.

Silver and Black: The best thing to happen for Mettenberger right now is to go to a good team.
Fletch: Yeah, he doesn't need to play right now with his structuring of his knee. I wouldn't be surprised if Mettengberger moves to the 3rd Round.

J-Bo: I think the only way Manziel gets drafted in the 1st Round is for ticket sales. You can pick up a Murray or a Mettenberger, but if he doesn't go in the 1st pick, then I think he'll be a second pick in the 2nd Round. There's no Peyton Manning in this draft and if you take one in the first 10 slots, and he's a bust, you won't hear the end of it for a while.
Fletch: There's not the next Peyton Manning in this draft, but there is a next "fill-in-the-blank" and that's why I think Manziel gets drafted in the first five picks. There is the next Brett Favre in this draft, and that's Johnny Manziel. He's the next love/hate QB and he's the "Oh no, no no!..Yes!!!!" QB. I think the Raiders are lying out of their arse. Take your medicine, sell your tickets, get the interest up, and make the right choice. I think Johnny Manziel is taken in the first 5 spots, and he's going to the Browns, the Jaguars, or the Raiders. Yes, I am calling Manziel the next Vince Young.

JR: When Rocky Cascio gets a good recipe, he doesn't try and change it. It's the same way in the NFL, get a great defense, a good offensive line, and a throwing QB. No running QB has won a Super Bowl in the last 10 years other than Eli Manning. I think Manziel falls, and I think he falls Aaron Rodgers-esque.
Fletch: This NFL is so different than when Roethlesberger was in it or when Eli was in it. So many things are different now with rules in what you're allowed and not allowed to do. The prerequisites are so different.
JP: Here's my thing, we would both agree that the NFL is more slated toward passing than running now. So the rules, the game play, everything is kind of centered around the vertical passing game. Why would you take a running QB? It's a dying breed in the NFL.
Fletch: We all know defense wins championships. If you've noticed though, there's been a birth of the gargantuan WR's because they are elite athletes. What you've also turned to are 6'2-6'4 CB's. Safeties are now 6'3.

If there were three story lines to follow in the draft: Johnny Manziel- where does he go, Jadeveon Clowney-where does he go, and how many QB's are going in the first round.