Friday, May 2, 2014

NBA Playoffs; Jameis Winston; We Call the Publix in Tallahassee!

Player of the Day: Nathan Jeansonne

Fletch still thinks Indiana will win the series tomorrow.

Billy: Really, I'll talk NBA playoffs. Is there anybody we can talk about in the series to challenge Miami? I think San Antonio. I mean do you really see any one of these inconsistent basketball teams beating Miami?
Fletch: Well, out of all of them I would pick the Spurs as well. Some people are probably like "Well, of course, Fletch. The Spurs are the No. 1 seed!" I get that. But how much more capable they are than all of the other teams in the Finals.

We've touched the Saints spending the weekend in Vegas.

We haven't touched on the Jameis Winston stuff yet.

Ed: I heard some fallacies yesterday, and got some phone calls.
Fletch: Cupcake was saying some pretty horrible things about you.
Ed: He's following in your footsteps. When I first met you, you big timed me. Now who's big-timing me? Cupcake. Another reason: on his day off, what did he do? Went into work.
Fletch: Are you cool with Sean Payton hanging out by the pool this weekend and the Ryan man and Mickey Loomis all chilling in Vegas?
Ed: Does it really matter where your war room is? The thing about the Saints is you never know what to expect.
Ed: With the Margaritaville opening up, all the local venues are getting bigger bands and the CenturyLink has to compete with that. Do something with the river. We live by these bodies of water, do something with it!
Fletch: That's the thing. Driving down the river, you see all the prime real estate and good for whoever owns it already, but think of how great a restaurant would be right there. Build a foot bridge so you can literally walk from Bossier to Shreveport, that would be so cool! I know it takes money and it takes time with engineers, but why not get someone to think about those plans?

Ed: Honestly, like Kenny Rogers says, "Know when to hold em' and know when to fold 'em." Like you said, life will pass you by. Saints Nugget was 7 or 8 and now all of the sudden she's 11!

Zack: What I've found is whatever talk goes on is great but what can we do to stand take action to get this moving. I'm just sitting here on my drive to work and thinking "What can we do to get hockey back?"
Fletch: When you hear that there's an "Encompass Sportsline" be glad. I can't say much more about it just yet, but just be glad we have one. When, and I think it's a when not an if, when it does come back, I think the best thing to do and how it comes back, the best thing to do is let the people running the business know and get season tickets.

Jameis Winston: "An honest mistake?" Article:

Fletch: If I'm making small talk and walk out with a couple of steaks, it's pouring down rain, and I run to my car and I'm concentrating on driving. Get home and fire up the grill, finally realize I stole the steaks. What do I do now? People will try and say hi to me if I go back, I just want to be here with you Sports Wife.....Now how does that actually make any sense? The whole Jameis Winston deal is getting worse because of people giving him excuses.

In 1985, Fletch purposefully hit a motorcycle because they kept parking in his spot at this college apartment. Had to pay $3,200 for damage and own up to it even though he did it out of anger because his parents were holding his feet to the fire and making him. That's what Jameis Winston doesn't have, someone holding his feet to the fire and making him own up to his actions.

According to many Florida State athletes and people familiar with this specific Publix have said it's been known for many years that if you go to this Publix, you can walk in and get groceries and walk out.

Derek: I spend a little time in Florida and a buddy of mine lives there. Publix is like H-E-B in Texas, they are from one end to another. For them to try and cast this off, it seems a little head-scratchy. Are they letting the guys in Gainesville do that too?

Publix Customer Service:

Fletch: Who would we speak to about Publix allowing Florida State players to have a discount?
Allison: Ummm...I don't want to get in trouble so I'm going to get my manager.
Alan: Hello this is Alan.
Fletch: Someone tweeted that this is a policy that Florida State athletes have been able to use for years.
Alan: You'll have to refer all of your questions to our media department located in Jacksonville.

Now calling seafood department:

Fletch: Is there a crab leg special today?
Paula: No, I'm all out of crabs today.
Fletch: They've just been walking out of the store huh?
Paula: They sure have!