Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Miles Austin Knows His Jersey Number; How Much Would JFF Have Made If Paid in College?

Super Bowl LII (52) will be going to Minneapolis in their new retractable-roof stadium. "Thanks for nothing, Roger." -New Orleans fans

By the way the Heat beat Indiana last night.

Did you know there is a value assigned to collegiate football players? If they were truly valued, what would they earn and who would get paid the highest, solely based on performance? The monetary value of quarterbacks in the SEC this year and over the past few years

Breaking news: 25-year-old Rory McIlroy and his 23-year-old fiancé have split.
The way he announced it was like he was cutting her from the team.

The French ordered $15 Billion worth of new trains for their transit system. Unfortunately, when they received their new trains, most of them were too large to even fit on the train tracks. They are now trying to reconfigure the tracks.

Bernie Kosar is allowing Miles Austin to wear his jersey number. Watching the Browns this year will be truly entertaining.

Tim from Marshall: Calling about the beards yesterday. Why don't y'all just keep growing those beards out until the Indy Bowl?
Fletch: Now there's an idea. I'll keep growing my beard until the Duck Commander Independence Bowl. I have a question for you. The New York Times had an article about seventh grade tackle football being banned. Is that a big deal over there?
Tim: Surprisingly no. The ban on the taxes going up was much bigger. They were going to raise our taxes $70 a month to replace three elementary schools.

Twelfth Man: Don't I hear they need more lawyers in Marshall? Isn't there a lawyer shortage?
Fletch: Hey! How'd those Texas A&M and Razorbacks go last night?!?! (I won a pizzaletta)

Congrats to former Parkway Panther, Carson Baranik. He was named the Sun Belt's top pitcher.

Collegiate players actual value:
In 2013, if Johnny Football were paid a salary, he would've been worth an average $2.48 M.