Tuesday, May 27, 2014

LSU Baseball; Matt Yoder and Hunt Palmer!

Billy: I'm calling about, 1st thing is I give props to our host saying that if LSU won the SEC tournament they'd be a Top National Seed and I just didn't believe it, so props to you Fletch! I think the pitching has been there, but it's been shaky at times. The Florida game was probably their worst game in the tournament an yet they still had enough in the tank to beat Florida. They are looking like a solid coached baseball team. The moves that Paul Mainieri made during the season, it looks like he's got his line up ready. 
Fletch: Here's an example, Paul Mainieri inserts a pinch runner early in the game at second base and a base hit scores that run. He decides to...the pitch out, against Arkanasas; riding Tyler Moore and leaving him be and then watching him hit 500 throughout the week. He's got his pitching configuration set.

O'Dell Beckham Junior almost became the Manti Te'o. Erica Mendez is a model who says she was engaged to Beckham. Radar.com did a story on it and she claimed he cheated on her and she is pregnant. Beckham and his family vehemently denied it.

A few of the Greatest Quotes from  Jerry Jones brought to you by DallasNews.com: 

In reference to quarterback Troy Aikman, who the Cowboys selected as their No. 1 overall draft pick, at their 1989 training camp: "All I can say right now is that he looks good in the shower."  
In the reference to first-round pick Felix Jones: "He's got one of those nice bubble butts."
"Romo was a miracle...He almost never got in, and he was almost gone."  
Regarding negotiations to end the NFL lockout: "We're down to circumcising mosquitoes." 
"I've been here 23 years. I've been here when it was glory hole days and when it wasn't. I want me some glory hole!" 
"I don't have any butt dialing with that thing, I know that."  
"That's me in that Rowdy outfit every now and then." 

Matt Yoder from AwfulAnnouncing.com joins us! 

Yoder: The DirectTV blip for Direct Overhead here in Central, Ohio...I didn't think my Memorial Day was going to be that exciting.

Fletch: What's going to happen with Landon Donavan?
Yoder: It's very interesting because when you're in Clemson, it shocked everyone that Donavan wasn't on the list for the cup because they've said that if anyone got injured during training, they'd call Donavan. I think he'd be a good fit with SFOX.

Fletch: What have you taken from the NBA coverage?
Yoder: Yeah, it's always a bittersweet occasion when they're season comes to an end. I guess the major takeaway is that you have the current Warriors coach working for TNT and Mark Jackson now working for ESPN.

Yoder: The one thing of OTA's to watch is to try and get a storyline from team activity. Maybe there is a guy out there, bubble butt or not, that could contribute to the team's efforts. I mean how many people last May would have known who Khiry Robinson was?

Saints Talk with Matt Yoder: 

Fletch: This OTA with Brandon Cooks, where will they put him? Are the putting him in a slot?
Yoder: You can see some of the ideas that Payton has for Cooks, he's someone Payton can utilize in a lot of situations. He can catch the swing passes and do the Lance Moore thing, but also what we've looked at in filling this hybrid role we've seen in the past few years is if he can be that play-maker.

Fletch: Khairi Fortt appears to be a guy that while challenge for the LB position
Yoder: At this point, if your'e a mid-round draft pick, you're priority is to secure your spot on the roster. If you're like Khairi then your spot isn't guaranteed so go in to training camp and turn a few heads and stand out and then secure your spot.

Fletch: Saints fans are starting to wonder "What are the Saints going to do for a backup QB?"
Yoder: I think in a backup QB, you are looking for someone that can keep the ship afloat if God forbid anything happened to Drew Brees. Maybe those McCown family genes are still there. Look at New England and what happened to Ryan Mallet. We haven't even seen him and they are already moving on to the next guy. Get a new guy into the system for a couple of years, let him learn behind Brees then, and once Brees is ready to go, you have someone prepared.

Hunt Palmer from Bayou Bengals Insider

Fletch: What Alex Bregman does at shortstop...the two plays he made were MLB plays. Is that maybe the best sign for LSU?
Palmer: I think it's two-fold. One of them is Bregman for sure, he's the emotional backbone of the team. They feed off of him. They've got him as the emotional boost. This isn't some kind of out of nowhere deal, last year he got ten hits in a weekend. Another guy is Kyle Bowman. Bowman looks like he's going to be able to go out there and give you five good innings. I think Bowman in that three hole will have him pitching in a regional Sunday.

Fletch: Let's talk pitching rotation for the week.
Palmer: It would be surprising to me if he didn't play Poche. He's been saving his best. I anticipate that he'll hold Aaron Nola and play Poche. They just don't lose very often when Nola is pitching. I really think Jared Poche has the ability to get them off to a good start.

Fletch: Is it safe to say that LSU fans should start planning for the trip to Omaha?
Palmer: I'd say it's probably better than 50%. I think they have a really good chance here. I like the drawl they have in the regional. Rice has a lot of power hitters but they have to deal with a lot of power teams in Texas first.

Fletch: Let's talk about the potential super regional. What do we know about Rice?
Palmer: When they won the whole deal they had a stable amount of pitchers. Now they have a good amount of guys that are very likely draft picks. They've got a real true ace and a shut down closer as well as six home run hitters. Rice is going to probably be able to hold their ace on Friday and waste their big guns.

Fletch: ULL doesn't exactly have an easy way out either.
Palmer: Mississippi pitching is very interesting. I'll be interested to see how UL does with their pitching rotation. We'll see if Mississippi State decides to throw Ross Mitchell. I don't think personally, Mississippi has enough bat power to get out of ULL.

Palmer: Am I supposed to trust Ole Miss in June? Because I've been trained not to. They're No. 2 Trenton couldn't keep up. What I love about Ole Miss is their bats and they weren't great last week. As a Cubs fan, I think they are playing with a weight on their shoulders thinking about if they screw it up, the fans are going to be so let down, they overthink it and then they screw it up.

Fletch: Who are 1 or 2 teams in the SEC that you think can make a little noise and adnvace to the super regional play?
Palmer: I don't think Texas A&M is going to make much noise, I don't love Arkansas. I don't love Mississippi State but I think the home teams are going to make the noise. I'm going to pump the brakes on Florida right now, the numbers just don't do anything for me. I'd watch those guys, I just don't trust them.