Friday, May 23, 2014

Kyle Orton Wants TO GO! Greg Howard from Joins Us!

Kyle Orton wants to retired from the Cowboys. They don't want that to happen. Tell him he either has to keep playing, or has to pay to leave. Paying $3 million that is left in his contract. Yikes.

ABC: I have a question, the thing with the concussion, what's missing is the coaches. Some of these coaches like Teddy Johnson, he has a radio show and was talking about how Bill Bellichick wanted these guys to play through injuries and the players have to because that's how they put food on the table. Do you think that could be a reason they market themselves so much?
Fletch: Patrick Peterson knows, you know what? I may be out of this league in four years if I don't maximize my potential. That's why there is such a large increase in marketing potential when rookies come in. I don't blame them for that because that's something they have to do. 

G$: The Lander's Scholarship Banquet was great. I didn't realize how long Lander's had been doing that. 400 student-athletes. The newest one is called the founder's scholarship and it was seven positions, but he only named one person, and it was his late wife that he named it after. Today I have to go buy a flapper.
Fletch: Awesome! I can tell you where exactly it is in King Hardware & Gift. 

Congratulations to Peyton Leffler from Benton High School on winning the Lander's Renee Rogers Memorial Scholarship! 

Talking World Cup with Greg Howard from DEADSPIN.COM

Greg Howard: I think the initial reaction from Donavan on social media shows you everything. I don't know if you remember but in late 2012 Donavan went on his rumspringer and said he needed to take a break. In 2012, Donavan went to Cambodia and just went on vacation and missed some World Cup qualifiers and didn't seem to like it. Donavan had to play his way back into the squad like everyone else. 

Fletch: In all sports, there are athletes that aren't necessarily going to be there in the warm-up games or the games that mean as much, but when the lights come on, there are performers that you know have that gear and can win. Kobe in all of his prime, there are many reasons to not like Kobe, but for the reasons TO like him, he has that killer ability to score in that pressure moment. Now it seems like the U.S. is doing that in the World Cup.
Howard: We were trying to find an equivalent for Landon Donavan in all other sports, and Kobe Bryant was the closest we came in terms of significance in his country. If Kobe was left off the Olympic roster, it would still be okay because we had LeBron and Kevin Durant and the other guys that can hold the team. 

What would be a successful World Cup for the US mens national team?
Howard: You know we have international players right now that have acquitted themselves in the world's best leagues. We have a great team that is and most of our core is mature and won't be there in 2018 for the Russian World Cup. It doesn't seem like we are much in transition, but maybe if Landon Donavan was in the group then we could have a successful World Cup. Maybe a successful World Cup for us now is just playing tightly and closely and one day the newer guys carry the torch through the net era. 

Mark Cuban Controversy
When you heard what Mark Cuban said in the interview with Ink Magazine, what was your first reaction?
Howard: I actually laughed a little bit to myself and when he admitted that everyone and a little bit of bias, which is true to an extent, but how he did it was a little surprising and funny. What he got the heat for was when he said if a black guy with a hoodie was walking towards him, he'd cross the street. Then if he saw a white guy with tattoos and a skin head, he'd cross the street too. Someone tweeted that your average teenager doesn't equal a Sons of Anarchy character. It was too similar to comparing his view of the black person to Trayvon Martin. 

Fletch: Let's reverse this for a second. For a lot of black guys, it's a good look, shaving your head. I have so many lumps on my head that if I lose my hair I'll be wearing caps all the time. Let's say it's a white guy with a hoodie and a black guy with tattoos and a shaved head. Neither of those are worse? 
Howard: I have tattoos and wear hoodies, but I would consider myself maybe one of the least threatening people in the galaxy.