Friday, May 9, 2014

Johnny Manziel; Johnny Football; JFF; Matt Yoder; Tommy McClelland!

The Browns tweeted out "Congratulations Johnny Manziel on the 22th pick!" Twenty-two-th?

The greats have a different way of carrying themselves. Michael Jordan was a jackass. An admitted jackass in his biography. He openly admitted he didn't like white people. He used to try and make his teammates cry.
Muahmmad Ali was the first rapper when you think about it, float like a butterfly sting like a bee. He had his detractors.
Jordan didn't have many detractors until later.
At least Manziel let's us know who he is. He's cocky and abrasive, but if you put a football in his hands, he'll make it happen.

Griffin Fan: The Cowboys, I thought they made an excellent choice. I love Zach Martin, he's going to be a perennial all-pro.
Fletch: He's got the mental makeup, he's got the size, and he won't be thrown out to left tackle right out of the shoot.
Grifin Fan: Have you ever heard of a left tackle being the MVP of a bowl game? He was last year!

Clint: I just thought, I really disagree with the pick last night. Don't get me wrong, we needed a receiver to replace Moore, but we needed a defensive lineman, a linebacker, or an offensive lineman.
Fletch: I was hoping we would get a D4. I think the Saints could have had Brandon Cooks. Getting a third pick may really bite them in the rear.

Apparently, WR was extremely high priority for the Saints. We see how high of a priority it was by trading their third round pick.

Dr. TV: I think this Cook's kid is going to be used mostly as a returner. I hate to second guess Sean Payton because him and Mickey Loomis are so good but man did you see the people go off the board after their pick?
Fletch: After they moved up at 20, Ha ha Clinton Dix was still available, Martin Smith, Jason Verrett, Bradley Roby, etc. It's one of those things where offensive linemen were premium.

La Tech AD Tommy McClelland:
Tommy McClelland: We're very fortunate to have our coaching staff that provides leadership. I'm always impressed with Coach Holtz and obviously Coach White, I'm excited for people to see Tyler Summitt and get to hear him tonight at Tech and Tails to be impressed for themselves.

Fletch: If you were buying a ticket, what would you be most excited about?
McClelland: Just being around 1,000 other sports fans and Tech fans, number one. There are not a lot of presidents that would stand up and communicate with a group in an environment like this. Hearing the vision of the president, and Dr. Guice wanting to share the coaches voices and everything, it's going to be great.

Fletch: Can you tell us about the Joe Aillet Stadium?
McClelland: We broke ground on our south end-zone project, the two bleachers on the south-end of the facility have essentially all come down. A lot of people are saying that we haven't broken ground yet, and we technically haven't, but we have started with the process in order to break the ground. They have to disconnect the electricity where the sports medicine is so we're working around those kinds of things.

Fletch: I'm probably chest bumping in the office with my staff when a coach says no to the sEC
McClelland: For me it's trying to hold on to what we're building, and maintaining consistency. I can't control a person's decision, but I can try my best to fulfill their requests. I don't care why Mike White has chosen to stay, I don't care who he credits for choosing to stay, the fact of the matter is that he is here.

Fletch: Baseball and softball?
McClelland: Both of those sports still have some series to play. We have to finish up our home series then we go on the road. Those are things that are continuing to be evaluated, you've got to take a deep breath. There are times when wins and losses aren't the only thing to look at. We have to evaluate all of the coaches, tennis just finished up so we'll have to start the evaluation process soon with those coaches.

Matt Yoder from Awful Announcing

Fletch: 133 mentions of Johnny Manziel last night on ESPN.
Yoder: 112 of them were from John Gruden. It was an interesting night to watch ESPN last night, I have it a "B", the Johnny Footbal stuff was getting excessive, almost like Gruden was getting paid to mention him. You know what you're going to get from guys like Kiper, I wasn't as annoyed with Berman as I thought I'd be.

Yoder: All you have to do is go to YouTube and type in Official Cleveland Tourism Video

Fletch: Brandon Cooks is coming to NOLA and he may not know much about the city. Payton says he was sold immediately.
Yoder: I was hoping the Saints would try and trade up and get that impact player. Brandon Cooks wasn't a guy that we talked about a lot mainly because he fell in that main area. Also, I didn't think a guy was going to be around when they picked at 27.

Yoder: I would rather the draft be proactive than reactive. I would rather see the Saints be aggressive than waiting around and reacting.

Yoder: I don't know if I would classify it as a clunker, but Jacksonville taking Blake Bortles...Bortles is a guy who flew under the radar for most of his college career and then soared at the end and blew up the draft boards.

LJ: I hope that the pick works out for the Saints, but as soon as I saw that they were drafting up, I was thinking "They've got to get a cornerback."
Fletch: You bring up a very very good point.