Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jameis Winston Talk; Todd Walker Weighs In on Sterling, Winston, and Baseball!

Silver and Black: I'm shocked that you and Ed have uncoupled. This is an April Fool's right?
Fletch: No, he called me on April Fool's to tell me he was leaving, so I thought it was.
S&B: Maybe you should get his beer drinking limited at Rotolo's.

Griffin Fan: I just want to thank everybody for seeing that Rodney get better. It's just fantastic that he's going to make a full recovery, maybe one day he'll come back to coach. I appreciate everyone across the state really, and, everyone is praying for him, the whole state. It works.

Billy: First thing, this is "The Tim Fletcher Show", and me and Cupcake and everyone else love to talk sports on your show, but it's your show, so that's that. People will want to schmooze up the athletes, there's no doubt about that.
Fletch: If I'm the star QB and have a Heisman trophy and the meal would be $15 and the owner comes up and says thank you for the national championship, tells you to put your money back. Of course you're going to let them pay for it.

Todd Walker: I told the kids last year when we had a great to chance to win the whole thing, there is luck sometimes. Last night, Episcopal wasn't lucky, they were good.

Compared to last year:
TW: I learned a lot actually, you literally have to write this stuff down and give it to them and put it in your locker, and half of them did. I've learned you gotta repeat yourself. I can handle the parents, I can handle the work, getting a field ready by myself, I can handle all that. But the idea that you have to tell a kid over 20 times the same thing before they get it, and sometimes they don't, it's stuff.

Does this give you a different perspective and different respect? Do you look at high school coaching differently? How?
TW: I know the game, I know pitch sequences, I know different scenarios but I didn't know that a lot of it would be dealing with entry level baseball player and again their parents thing they're pretty good, you know, rip that machine apart. When you get into this high school stuff and playing travel kids and wonder why their kid doesn't play all the time. The hardest thing for me is the trust factor. When I tell you something, trust me and listen. You can either take it and believe it and get better or ignore me and end up quitting.

Todd Walker on Donald Sterling: 
TW: It would've been a big deal for any of us, you stay in your own lane and play the game. I told you we went to the party (Marge Shaw's) and she had a riding elephant as the entertainment, there were cobwebs in certain rooms of the house, it was just an odd deal. Barry has his own opinions, Barry Larkin, but he played the game too. MLB didn't make a move quite like the NBA did in this one, but I think in this situation they made the right one.
TW: Marge Shaw was talking to the media when she said all of her comments, Sterling wasn't talking to the public, he knew he was being recorded but that doesn't mean the same thing.
Fletch: When Shaw was running the show, explain that story of the party.
TW: She had a party, an end of the year party in 2002. It was new for me, and they pick you up with a lemonade and drive you around on a horse carriage thing around to the elephant. I guess you could look at it, maybe pet it. Then I started wandering around, found the cobwebs.
Fletch: Donald Sterling's comments were made in September. Have you ever been a part of a clubhouse that was on the brink of boycotting? Anything?
TW: Yeah, in Minnesota. They were all young and upset that they cut the paycheck. A lot of us young kids, myself included, went to AAA and told the newspaper that we didn't want to go back. Other than that I've had great managers. They were less emotional, I need to work on that, like yesterday when my freshman missed the hit and run sign and I started yelling and pointing to my shirt.

James: Who was the first pro team you played with?
TW: I got drafted by Minnesota in 1994.
James: What's it like getting the call to be a Minnesota Twin and then going to Yankee stadium? It's Yankee Stadium!
TW: When I got there, that's how it felt. Just because you're in the big leagues doesn't mean you're prepared to be there. Standing in Boston's stadium on third base. Girardi was talking to me as if he was distracting me.

Russell: Where are they going to have equalities in the punishment of this? Because Richie Incognito and _____ were making death threats at people. I'm not sticking up for Sterling, but the guy said "I don't like these kinds of people" and has to sell his entire team.
Fletch: I think it mainly has to do with his position. He's at the top. He runs the show.
TW: He has to walk about as a public racist now, he won't be able to go anywhere.

JR: Talking about the kids and that, I just had this conversation at lunch. It all starts at home. When kids reach a certain age, coaches are kind of given what they get. I think as kids get older its very hard to change the mentality that they've been associated with for the majority of their life. 
TW: It has to start with the parents because you can't expect a 16-year-old to know what to do. You expect the kid to go home after practice and the parents tell them how great they are, "you're a stud", and they come back and don't play and then that causes bitterness and confusion. Or they tell their kid that they've got to spend more time in the cage or practicing. It's hard work and effort. 

ABC: I just think, like this year in college baseball and the SEC, the players have to wait to play. Coaches need to explain why they are waiting for so long to play.
TW: I was there in the big leagues man, it's just having faith and waiting your turn.