Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hunt Palmer; Matt Yoder; and La Tech Track & Field Coach, Gary Stanley!

Hunt Palmer from Bayou Bengals Insider

With Zach Mettenberger's downfall, we didn't expect him to put up the stats that made him so much better this past season, we expected Cam Cameron to make changes, but that drastic? How do you feel about the 6th round.
Palmer: You saw in the Alabama game, he got eaten alive because he couldn't get out of the way. He's one of them that doesn't like talking to media. It was kind of a smug attitude when he answered, I wonder how he played in meeting rooms. Teams want to know what kind of player they are getting as a person. I think he landed in a good spot, he's got to have some good practices and preseason games.
Fletch: I had a buddy with me after the A&M game and after the interview he said "Man, Mett is a chump!"

Who is in the best spot to show up and have a rookie year?
Palmer: Jeremy Hill has a good chance to do it. Hill can be kind of the hammer back. My answer in a lot of different ways would've been Jarvis Landry, but if I'm putting all of my stock in Tannerhill, then I'm going with Hill.

Matt Yoder from Awful Announcing

Better coverage of the draft: ESPN or NFL Network?
Yoder: I found NFL Network's coverage to be more superior than ESPN. ESPN always seems to be playing catch-up because they're so involved with the stories involved with the draft. If you stuck with NFL Network, caring about your team and their draft, then I think you got your best deal.

Yoder: I wonder if ESPN might see the success of Shaw and Fischer. Even for Day 1, I think it would do a lot to help their coverage. It was still a pretty large percentage in ratings of ESPN over NFL Network.

ESPN and covering Michael Sam:
Yoder: The report was that Sam didn't originally want cameras with him during the draft. I don't think it was until that morning they tweeted out they would have cameras there and thank goodness they did. That video of him reacting will play over and over again, and not for years but for decades. That was a historic moment and a huge win for ESPN.

Looking at the Saints draft picks, you would give them a grade of?
Yoder: I would give them a "D." Where the Saints draft maybe you begin to have some question marks are the later picks and wondering if they are able to stick around for a while.
Fletch: I'm with you on everything you said. Someone has a pair of knees that are healthy in the draft but the Saints picked someone with unhealthy knees and then another with different health issues.

Yoder: I look at Atlanta's picks and didn't see anything that should scare Saints fans, but then there's the Panthers with Kelvin Benjamin, a future pro-bowler.

Why are they still putting a camera in front of Donald Sterling's face? On your website y'all have the Top 10 most ridiculous things that he said to Anderson Cooper.
Yoder: Who in their right mind around Sterling who influences him, thought that this would be any kind of a good idea. To speak publicly for more than 10 seconds, that was the worst thing he could have done. People will play this for years at universities and higher levels of education telling students "Do not EVER let your client say this. Make them stop!" Donald Sterling is his own worse enemy right now.

Gary Stanley, Head Coach of Track and Field at La Tech:

Stanley: There's a rich tradition of track and field in Shreveport/Bossier and in Texas. We're 60 miles away so it's the whole close-enough-to-home-far-enough-to-get-away. We try to build the bulk of the program from that area.

Track Tourney this weekend:
Stanley: We're in Rice this coming up weekend. We're real excited to head over there. There's about 16 teams in the tournament.

Who do people need to pay attention to?
Stanley: Trey Hadnott right out of Ruston is high up on the national list. Jarvis is third in the nation in the long jump right now.

Welcome back Brewer's Quality Homes!

What events do you limit Trey to or do you limit him? 
Stanley: Well in a hot humid day with a lot of prelims and everything...we've decided to run the 1 and the 2 and the relays. The relays are finals. He's an excellent 400-meter runner but we've decided to keep him on the 1 and 2 to keep him healthy.