Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fletch is live at the CenturyLink Center for SB New Car Dealers New Car Sale!

This is literally how the life of Cupcake is, except he's on a one and a half-day delay.

SEC Network starts up in August. They want to get on a cable company like Time Warner, Comcast, etc. because that gives you a lot more markets, and a lot more size for the advertising dollar. Well, the Big 10 Network has now jumped ahead of the SEC Network in that department. They've signed a deal with Time Warner and Cablevision to produce airtime to millions of viewers in New York and in New Jersey.

Lander's Bracket Challenge Winners:

Glenn: The secret was, I love collie football, I can't stand college basketball, but I love contests! So, I entered. I had Kentucky, Florida, Wisconsin, and Michigan State.
Fletch: Did you have a pretty good idea of you winning after the Sweet 16?
Glenn: I did, but then I figured someone would come and pick Connecticut.
Fletch: So you got an iPad, did you already have an iPad?
Glenn: I did.
Fletch: So what are you going to do with it?
Glenn: Give a really good gift.

Other winner:
Matt: I had Kentucky and Florida. I knew Kentucky being ranked as number one would help me put them in the Final Four.
Fletch: You got a $200 service card, right?
Matt: Yeah, I have a Ford but they said they would still work on it!

Thom Hoeflinger from Lander's Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram: 
Thom Hoeflinger: Blowing in good deals with that southernly wind!
Fletch: You're driving around in the Lander's firetruck. Someone traded in the firetruck last week? How many miles have you put on that firetruck, just in this parking lot?
Hoeflinger: Well I drove it from Shreveport to Bossier, then drove it around Bossier, then drove it here, and then I've been putting miles on it in this parking lot. Here at Landers-palooza!
Fletch: The bigness of your heart, that's why the firetruck is here! The EMT!
Hoeflinger: Exactly! In case someone is SHOCKED by the deals!

Big news in Nashville, TN. Peyton Manning arrested in Nashville. Peyton Manning was arrested, as an 18-year-old girl and she's being arrested for two felony drug charges.

Jose Canseco lost two of his pet goats. He wrote an ode to his goats on twitter:
"With a heavy heart I tap these keys
Just lost two from the family
Coco & Chanel u were so good
Butt too many goat haters in the neighborhood"