Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fifty-Cent Should Keep His Day Job; Sean Lee Tears ACL; Adam Winkler Talks Texas; LSU Baseball!

Player of the Day: Sean Lee from the Cowboys

Fifty-Cent throws out the first-pitch. At least he has a good sense of humor. 

Bama Doug: Carl Lewis was horrible! Fifty Cent at least had some air!

LSU QB Brandon Harris is in San Diego with George Whitfield and Malachi Dupree.

Billy: As we sit here right now on May 28, where is your take off on LSU football and o me early in the season, they're going to have to be like an 80/20% running team. I think it depends on how well the defense improves. Do we really believe that LSU can have this transition from the past few years?
Fletch: I don't think it's inevitable yet. This is going to be one of those years where I know people like myself who are SEC fans, it's not what we want to see or hear but I think that the Big Ten and the PAC-12 are going to make it much more challenging for the SEC hierarchy. This year I think the sEC will be more of a 7.5/8, still the best conference in the land. You have WR that have a TON of talent. If Trey Quinn is the No. 1 recover in the recruiting class, then you've got a good WR. Leonard Fournette. There is potential for LSU to get better over the next four years, but remember they are replacing their QB.

Brandon Harris and Anthony Jennings are not going to be quarterbacks for an 8-3  or 7-4 team. LSU has already got their eye on the 2015 recruiting class's No. 1 QB. You have to have solid quarterback play to win, you can't just rely on defenses at this point in college football.

State Legislature:
Yesterday, during the legislative session, the House bill was about to get shut down by about 50 Saints players that traveled to Baton Rouge. The bill would reduce workers comp benefits for inures sustained during the offseason. The bill has been pulled for the remainder of this year's legislative session.

The first time Fletch and Syd's mom, Cricket, went to a big city was back in the day when they went to Memphis. They got to the hotel and Fletch took off his shoes and socks and then money fell out. Cricket looked at him and said "What the hell is that?" and Fletch told her he didn't want to get pick pocketed so he put his money in his sock. "THAT is country coming to town," Fletch.

Adam Winkler from KEYETV:
Winkler: A station in Lubbok, TX ran a story on Sen. Dan Patrick and put a graphic with the other Dan Patrick's face on it.

Fletch: Someone in the SEC said "I wouldn't be shocked if they put A&M and Texas together."
Winkler: Everybody is geeked up. I mean this is a huge deal. People are forgetting that we all saw this coming. In the NCAA regionals, we saw this happening, it's happened in volleyball, it's happened in tennis. While everyone has been anticipating this happening, it's still gotten everyone excited.

Fletch: How good is this Texas team?
Winkler: This team will go as it's offense will go. The reason I say that is because the arms are there. The pitching has always been a Texas staple. They build their team around the ball park, pitching and defense. Dylan Peters, really good arm, solid bullpen. It's just the question of whether they're going to hit or not. They went nearly three games without scoring a run against TCU. Fans are happy that Texas is being sent to travel. They are such a better team away from home than when they are here.

Winkler: People want to see Texas A&M and Texas play, the game sold-out in an hour. There's a reason why that game is on ESPNU and the Rice game isn't.

Fletch: LSU's regional is simpler to navigate than ULL's regional, but their Super regional is going to be a BEAR. They were done no favors at all in their pull for the super regional play. Can you imagine Texas and LSU in a Super Regional?
Winkler: There's no reason either of them have played each other because they've both been top 10 teams.

Winkler: Your star player gets injured in OTA's by your first-round draft pick? You can't make that stuff up!
Fletch: Yeah if it's a sixth round pick doing that, SEE YA!

Texans Talk:
Winkler: Signs are sure pointing to Tom Savage. This is because Bill O'Bryant has the reputation or developing QBs. I think Tom Savage will get a shot at some point because I think he has, I hate this word, the upshot, the most potential. Maybe start of Fall Camp it will be Fitzgerald 1 and Savage 2 but when he's ready to take the reins then he'll move up.

Fletch: What are some of the things to look for with the Texans and OTA's?
Winkler: I think one of those things is what they're going to do with their receiver. Everyone's going to be looking at Jadeveon Clowney. Will he be able to produce? Is he going to be the "freak" that he's known to be and show his talent?
Ralph: I survived these last two weeks.
Fletch: I told you Ralph they would be a national seed.
Ralph: That SEC selection. I know you've took a look at it. I'm looking through my purple and gold glasses but how did they slide Alex Bregman at shortstop?
Fletch: Yeah, I saw that he made the second team for shortstop and I was thinking "You're telling me there's a better shortstop in the SEC?"
Ralph: I may have missed it but I just wanted to get your take.
Fletch: Aaron Nola named the SEC Pitcher of the Year.

Lucky Jack: You know, LSU should walk through this, but Southeastern has a kid with a 91/92 mph fast ball and he strikes a lot of people out.
Fletch: I think Mainieri will end up with Poche. Hunt Palmer said his M.O. is to reserve the big guns for the second part of the series. Expect Nola to play against Houston. This is the Super Bowl, this is their Omaha. Southeastern will not be the CWS Champions. Their Omaha is Friday at 2 pm.