Monday, May 12, 2014

Draft Talk: Are Cowboys in Trouble...Again?

3 points on the Saints: This wasn't a really strong draft, the Saints didn't think they needed anyone or at leafs they were happy with their roster, I think they're looking for the next Marcus Colston or the next Pierre Thomas. He's either a physical freak or a coach's kid.

Player of the Day: Former Springhill RB Charcandrick West

James: If I was Jerry Jones, I would go to New England and pay all the money to get Ryan Mallet. I think he's a perfect fit for Dallas and after Tony Romo he'd be perfect.
Fletch: That's what I've been saying for the longest time. The Patriots are just letting him ride the bench and rot away. They have their quarterback!

Patrick: I just wanted to call and brag on one of our local events that may not have gotten as much coverage. Benton Middle School Golf Team went to state and won it all, Hayden White from Benton was -8. He shot a 64 on a 72 course.
Fletch: What?! Who?!!!
Patrick: He's the most humble kid and he deserves it. I asked him how everything went and if everything went in the hole, he started automatically critiquing himself.

Rafe: Saw your picture from Tech and Tails, good looking family. I will say that the early reports was that they loved the early format, and that it matched the vibe of the event with you doing the interview that way. One critique though, don't wear a white shirt to a crawfish boil, you know better than that!
Fletch: I know, that's why I had the catfish! I looked at my shirt and knew something bad would probably happen.

Fletch: Didn't you win a silent auction deal?
JP: I was double silent, I won and I wasn't even there. I told a guy there to just keep writing my name down. We're going to put it up at Rotolo's sometime this week.
Fletch: Speaking of Rotolo's, for those who don't know, this week is National Craft Beer Week.
JP: We've got some special events coming up this week, Abita Pint Night will be one night, and some national craft beer guys will be here too. Wednesday we have a Japanese beer that we'll be doing a Pint Night with them and Thursday, the Great Raft guys will be coming to talk to everyone about beer.

Dallas Cowboys Draft: 
Jerry is excited, says they're trying to build up defense with numbers. There are 16 DL on the roster with more to come. Jerry and the Cowboys think the volume of numbers will create "energy"  and they trust that Rod Marinelli "will be able to whip this group into a feeding frenzy."

Baba Ganoush: I feel I'm pretty critical of the their pick in the first round with Lawrence, he doesn't have to be DeMarcus Ware, but if he can average 8 sacks in his first year is great. Other than the un-drafted free agent, I think Le'Damian Washington has a shot to make the roster. 

RP: Hey! Our entire defense is horrible, let's take an offensive player! I'm loving this Cowboys Draft as a Cowboy's hater.

Da Truth: The four safety three safety deal.
Fletch: I think Viccarro will be a steam roller. He's going to be a two-prong. Let's say Viccarro isn't at the line of scrimmage, then you've got at least somebody back there to get the ball.