Friday, May 16, 2014

Cam Cameron Interview; Cupcake Makes an Illegal Return; Jeff Drost Joins Us

Cam Cameron Interview:

Obviously it had to be a little bit of a transition after so many years in the NFL, has that been something difficult to adapt to?
Cameron: No it has not been difficult to adapt to because it is LSU. To wear SLU on your shirt and walk into these schools, the reception is first-class. People have so much respect for Coach Miles. It's an honor.

When you look around here there are still some guys that haven't got looked at.
Cameron: It's both. This time of year you're looking at freshman, sophomores, the juniors-to-be, the seniors-to-be. You can't have too many good players and we're fortunate to have so many great players in our state. We have great coaches in this state. The kids that come to LSU are well coached.

Brandon going to work with George Whitfield:
Cameron: I'll stay out of it. Kids are very resourceful with the social media. They develop relationships all over the internet. Any kid that has some free time and chooses to continue to practice their sport so they can be the best player they can be says a lot.

In your years of handling quarterback competitions, how do you decide?
Cameron: The bottom line is you're looking for growth, development, and consistency. Young guys will be consistent to a point but there is some that isn't there, toughness, work ethic, leadership. The bottom line is you're going to need more than one guy for an SEC schedule. Last year you heard Anthony Jennings say he was prepared like a starter. We're looking forward to the competition.

Is there a certain package that maybe goes to one QB or another?
Cameron: Last year it was really two different play books and maybe in the past, but now we have two that are similar. They aren't the exact same but they are similar. Once the guy is out there, the play calling is more specific to that individual guy. You're geared to your quarterback but you're also geared to everyone else on the field. There's no benefit to naming a starter right now, and Les has said that. We're going to need more than one. They're both young, let's get them ready.

Mettenberger has second round or first round talent some would say. For someone who coached in the league for so long, Mettenberger isn't a 6th round guy, is he?
Cameron: You now what? He is. You know why? Because that's where they drafted him. One guy I knew in the 90's got drafted in the seventh round and he played for 15 years. Another guy got drafted in the first round, his contract ended. It's all about where Zach will play the best at and that's Tennessee. Tom Brady seemed like he would do alright.

Were you surprised Mettenberger fell to the sixth round?
Cameron: If I wouldn't have been in the league for 14 years, maybe. When you have a knee injury, it doesn't help. When you have a back injury...the Combine scenario doesn't help a guy out. Those things add up.

You were in Les Miles' wedding, tell us something about that day:
Cameron: It's been a while now...ha! I think Missy my wife said it best. We hadn't worked with Les and Cathy in a long long time. What you've seen in the last 10 years is basically what it's all been. He was raised by his parents who are great.

What color were the tuxes?
Cameron: I think light blue with some black. Maybe some ruffles!

Kyle: I think he knows, and I think we all know what kind of QB Brandon Harris is going to be after the Spring Game. I think it's going to be his job for as long he's there and I think he's going to be something special for sure.
Fletch: I talked to him when we were off. Said so many nice things about Harris and basically said he has everything, he just needs experience. He likes him as a person but he also likes him as a player.
Kyle: He's a true leader. He was at Parkway and even now you can see that he is a leader. Also, I wanted to touch on Coach Guin. He's a heck of a guy, he's a great coach, even when I was there. He's definitely in our prayers.

Brandon is thicker than he was last time he came in to the studio. Fletch thinks he's added 10 or 15 pounds. That was the only thing that Fletch thought would keep him off the field.

Lucky Jack: I think Cameron should be a politician. I listened for 10 minutes and I didn't know one thing I didn't already know.
Fletch: I don't know, the Mettenberger stuff though. He was defending Mett at first during the draft saying he was a first round talent. The QB's having different play books but this time they are more similar was new information.

SEC baseball really dominating over the weekend.

How much growth did Jennings show to you from the bowl game, to spring practice, and then to the spring game?

Rusty: I had a couple of things from yesterday. The show Talking Football, the young guy flat out says Harris will be the QB and will win it easily and of course all of us around here are pulling for him. I think it's heading in that direction. Unless I missed something, I thought they said this is our last show covering SEC sports because of the the new SEC Network.
Fletch: Comcast does not. Right now it's only ATT U-verse and Dish Network. I think it's going to end up being like the Blue Cross Blue Shield situation at Willis Knighton. I think the closer we get to the launch date, we'll find a major cable company.
Rusty: The conversation yesterday, it's interesting. Imagine LSU going along with a plan that would theoretically put them in a league with USL or Tech or could theoretically get dropped and replaced by USL or Tech for soccer.

Rice Recruiting Goes to the Extreme: 

Recruiting has reached a new depth. Rice University has been trying their hardest to get a verbal commitment that is a 3-star high school QB. Rice Coach David Baliff and his coaching staff...someone sent the kid a letter to a different member of the QB's family. They sent a letter of recruitment to the kid's CAT. A handwritten letter to "Kitty Granato".

We are calling Dick's Sporting Goods in Shreveport because Cupcake returned a shirt that he already wore and he worked out in it:

Fletch: Our board operator goes by the name of "Cupcake" and he recently went to Dick's Sporting Goods and bought a shirt from y'all a couple of weeks ago. He wore it to work and he worked out in it. We are trying to teach him a lesson. How can we teach him a lesson?
Brian the Manager: He can come back in and pay for the t-shirt. If he wants to right himself morally.
Fletch: Would you guys call the police in a situation like this or is this something handled with a little more personal vigallence.
Brian: We wouldn't call the cops because it didn't happen in the actual incident.
Fletch: So he needs to come in and return it and then he will have to keep the shirt right?
Brian: Yep!

Jeff Drost from Muddy Bottoms is live in the studio with us! 

Drost: We've got an action packed weekend. We've got mechanical bull son test, show and shine, a concert Friday night, a Saturday night concert, a Miss Muddy Bottoms Bikini Contest.
Fletch: How much does it cost?
Drost: They'll be $55 online for the entire event. $60 for the day of.
Fletch: That can get you access to all four days?
Drost: Absolutely! The 22-26, Mudapalooza.