Friday, May 30, 2014

Brandon Harris Joins Us; Travis Webb from KATCTV; National Spelling Bee's Jacob Is Dope!

Brandon Harris

On Aaron Rodgers:
Harris: Everybody would agree, when you think of a dual threat quarterback, you think they can run first. A dual threat should be a guy that has the ability to move and then be able to throw.

How many other SEC quarterbacks were out there?
Harris: I was the only SEC quarterback. Braxton (Miller) wasn't there, he's graduating this year, so I think he's graduating this fall. There were a lot of great guys out there, really talented. I got to learn and just pick the brains of them and hear their stories and a lot of these guys are back-up quarterbacks to some really great guys. One guy was RGIII's back up. They've had pretty successful seasons this past year. You watch these guys on TV all the time, and I'm not one of those guys that gets some success and then thinks they're a celebrity. I probably got on their nerve a little bit because I kept asking them about different things and success. You've got Bryce Petty who led their team in offense.

Were they surprised that you basically should've been just wrapping up prom season and graduating?
Harris: As far as muscle tone and stature, I'm not like those guys. They were shocked at how hard I could throw the ball.

Wasn't Malachi Dupre out there too?
Harris: People fail to realize that Mike Evans went out there to train with Johnny pre-Draft. A lot of receivers are out there who are trying to play at that next level. You're getting both ends of the spectrum. Different guys who may have played NFL or who have played college. But they're getting out there teaching you new routes or showing Malachi a different approach to a play. In Malachi's state, learning from this receiver coach, I think it will benefit both of us.

About George Whitfield, did he go into his history about Cam Cameron?
Harris: No, you kind of already know the history. I know George's background, he taught under Cam Cameron.

What are some of the things Cam Cameron does similar to George?
Harris: Paying attention to detail and coaching us up. We've been coached very well and we've learned to play hard. You're going to learn to do it right and it's tough love. He's going to coach hard but it makes it easier every day because he's your offensive coordinator and he's like your dad watching out for you so you want to come to practice everyday and play hard for him.

Harris: It's true, 100% true. The stuff he's been able to teach me in just a semester of work. I can't imagine in 3-4 years down the line. He's a fantastic teacher. We're in San Diego and wearing our LSU gear and working out and you may get the chance to meet Kirk Herbstreit who tells you how great of a guy Cam Cameron is. Everything that people say is good. I really do think his philosophy and what he does offensively is great.

You're removed from spring practice and now after a week with George Whitfield, how much better do you think you've gotten?
Harris: People fail to realize, it's more than just kind of throwing a football, you have to have the mental game. Our league has been proven to be tough. As a quarterback you don't want to just have one attribute. Before long you have to beat people with your mind. Teams are going to scout you and come up with game plans against you. When you put your mind and everything else together, that makes a pretty good quarterback.

Harris: I think Kevin McConnell who's a former NFL quarterback also Johnny Stanton the wide reviver at Nebraska, we did a lot of board work and looked at the defenses and what not. Like I said, you want to have the mental part as well as the physical part. Coming out of high school I thought I could beat everyone with my legs and arm but that wasn't the case.

You've had a chance to work with Trey, Malachi, and obviously Diarse. How good are these young receivers?
Harris: I think they're fantastic. I think Travin Dural is ace, the dude can fly. Coming from a high school where you may not have eight Division-I seniors, sometimes none at all, Travin Dural is fantastic talent. Obviously you know Trey, Leonard, and Malachi were the big signs. All these guys, they're no scrubs, you can throw them any pass and they'll catch it. Every time you come into losing guys, guys like we lost last year, you gotta think God has to see that work ethic. I think everyone is looking at O'dell and Jarvis as a challenge to lead up to what they left here.

Harris: The biggest thing is on the field. In high school you beat everyone with just natural talent but in college you have to 1) call in plays and get comfortable to go in the huddle where you used to be the tallest guy and now there are guys that are 6'7 and these are big dudes and also 2) keeping calm and being relaxed.
How good is that OL?
Harris: Fantastic. I think every guy is fantastic. The offensive line coach is great. Many quarterbacks are not sitting behind a line with an average height of 6'5.

Did you see Leonard Fournette
Harris: He very well may be. I saw him two weeks ago and he is HUGE. He's a guy that works hard and he's a guy that wants to win. None of these guys are coming from programs were they're used to losing. They are all used to winning and want to keep winning. People just want to win instantly.

It hasn't come easy, but it seems like you've made the adjustment easier than expected, have you been surprised that you're where you are right now?
Harris: Not to sound arrogant at all but I haven't. I think what Coach Cam, I don't over exaggerate what he does at tacking us and making things so much simpler for us and throwing so much simpler for us. I don't think anybody around there believes that a freshman can't do this or can't do that. I think that's what it likes for our team, if you can play, then they'll find a spot for you to play. I'm telling you, Coach Cam is doing a lot.

On Anthony Jennings:
Harris: It's a great relationship, he's a great guy, a great friend, a great teammate. He helps me grasp a lot of things since he was in a similar situation last year. I think it's continuing to get better and he was here last week (with Whitfield) and he had a great week. Regardless to who is the starting quarterback, it's just about getting better as a team so we can make that goal of competing for a national championship.

If you're called upon in the Wisconsin game, have you pictured that already?
Harris: It hasn't hit me yet. I think the deal is right now, preparing for Wisconsin like you're the starter. Whether it's Jennings, Rettig, Bolden, whoever. If you're third string quarterback, then you're the third play and it trickles down from there.

Do you feel like a Tiger right now?
Harris: I absolutely do, ever since the day I committed to them.

Harris: It's a deal with him always telling us that we've got to mature faster than anyone else because being in a quarterback position is important. Enjoy the moment and don't get caught up in what the next person may or may not say. Be the best guy for the team. Right now, I'm 205 pounds and in the high school championship game I was about 185. It's positive weight, our strength coach, Coach Moffitt gives us our strength packages and I'm following it.

Billy: I'm saying, who has Fletch got with him on the radio? First,  I'm thinking this is some pro-athlete, all of the sudden I hear it's Brandon Harris I'm thinking "Whoa!" This is a guy who's got his head on straight. We as fans always expect more than sometimes a kid can give, I hope he continues to keep his head on straight and continues to get better.

Travis Webb from KATC-TV in Lafayette

Why does this team have as good a chance to make it all the way to the final four of the CWS?
Webb: To be quite honest, I think so because I think they can do it all. There are 16 different offensive categories including home runs and stolen bases. Then pitching wise, Baranik, his two losses to Texas State were just his kryptonite.

How did Robichaux get this done? 
Webb: It's a combination of both JuCo and local talent. For the most part, infield is somewhat local. In the outfield it's mostly JuCo wins.

Who's starting today?
Webb: Robichaux is going to start and it's interesting because he started against Jacksonville last year  and they are facing the same pitcher from Jacksonville as last year too.

Webb: It's interesting, on Wednesday Robichaux said they'd keep their tradition on the pitching rotation but then now he's changed it. That's the thing, Booty being a lefty and Baranik having the power.

Bama Doug: The reason Brandon Harris is such a well-spoken, polite man, is because his dad raised him in the best way. As far as Alabama recruiting and the reason they're able to recruit out of state like that is because Nick Saban has all these private jets for local families and flies them out in these huge 30-40 seated jets. I know it's illegal to do that, but that's really how they're doing it. Even the recruiting at Auburn. Cam Newton had to make a pay cut when he went to the Panthers!