Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WWE's Ultimate Warrior Passes Away; King Hardware's Bob McElhatten

2009 Saints draft:
1st Round- Malcolm Jenkins
2nd Round-
3rd Round-
4th Round- Chip Vaughn and Stanley Arnoux
5th Round- Thomas Morstead

So they were pretty much 2:4 that year.

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  • Auburn fan guilty for what?!
  • Texas A&M baseball
  • Florida Gators took care of business.
For more detailed information go check out Want For Victory

The Ultimate Warrior passed away yesterday at the age of 54.

Bob: It's a sad day in the McElhatten household. I wake up this morning to countless text messages telling me the Ultimate Warrior died, and I thought I was dreaming. I wish I was still dreaming. Am I still dreaming?
Fletch: Are you thinking of urinating?
Bob: No.
Fletch: Oh...that was just my dream from last night.
Bob: This man had more steroids running through his body than any other person on the planet. He was a bodybuilder before and he had muscles on muscles on muscles. Football players have had concussion-related problems over the years, but wrestlers have it the worst. 
Fletch: That goes to show the "Dead Wrestler of the Week" article. Did he appear ill at WrestleMania?
Bob: He wasn't on there but on Monday night he made an appearance. 
Fletch: Where does he rate on your pantheon of greatest of all time?
Bob: He was such a polarized figure especially as child watching wrestling, he was a Top 6. All I know today is that I'll be watching many Ultimate Warrior fights. 
Fletch: WWE Network already has almost 700,000 subscribers. 
Bob: For the price of two Starbucks coffees, you get any wrestling from any time period.
Fletch: What was your favorite wrestling moment?
Bob: WrestleMania 6 when he beat Hulk Hogan for the World Championship.

Lucky Jack: Yeah man, it really is a pretty sad day. It's also the same day that Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses Grant. It's not like we really lost though, no one really retires and moves up north anyways.
Fletch: What was your favorite memory of wrestling?
LJ: When the Rock and Sting teamed up and became the Blade Runners.
Fletch: We talk about our music history in Shreveport-Bossier, we talk about our new movie industry here, what about without Shreveport there wouldn't be a WrestleMania 30, in the '50's it was huge hear and really blossomed in Shreveport. 
LJ: The basketball game was expected to get an 18-20 for ratings and they ended up getting a 12.5. Most of the responses as to why they didn't watch the NCAA Championship was because they were watching WrestleMania. 
If Mettenberger proves today that he can throw the football efficiently with no ill effects after his knee surgery, he will be bumped up highly on the draft list. If he doesn't succeed in this and shows some difficulty, he will at worst become a 2nd Round pick. 

Jim Nantz stopped by the studio this morning.

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