Monday, April 7, 2014

UCONN or Kentucky? Hunt Palmer talks LSU QB's and Coach Michael White Tells Us About His Car Accident!

Check out LSU gymnast, Lloimincia Hall's perfect score against Alabama: Lloimincia Hall

Player of the Day: the phones. BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS WORK SO WELL! Jersey number is 320-1130

Anthony Jennings looked horrible this weekend...Brandon Harris "had a great day" according to the Advocate. Our source indicates that Jennings will be the starting quarterback against Wisconsin, regardless of Harris.

Bama Doug: Kentucky UCONN. Did Florida tank it or what man?
Fletch: You've gotta wonder about ____. It was almost like an LSU quarterback in a bowl game. Or and LSU QB against an Alabama team. He shot it and it was a foot and half away from the rim? If you're that far off form the rim and you're a major basketball player, I don't know what happened.
Bama Doug: You can't have one bad game or you're out, and that's the beauty of the tournament.
Fletch: And some would say "That's the downfall of the tournament!"
Bama Doug: I think Kentucky is too hard for this UCONN team.
Fletch: It will be so interesting to me if the UCONN pressure will get to the Harrison brother's to a point that will wear them out. I'm so excited about this basketball match-up.

Michael: John David Moore, walk-on freshman from Monroe, started for the Purple team as a FB yesterday and won the "Coach's Award". He's my nephew and we're very proud of him.

Zach: Boy, watching the series, how dominant was Aaron Nola? I was talking to a couple of buddies and we were talking about where he rates like against Gausman, he is just spot on. And the bats came alive yesterday, they had what? 20 hits?
Fletch: Not just Nola but there were some guys that really set the table yesterday. Nearly every starter knocked in a run. You've now got Arkansas coming in with the lowest RBI.
Zach: I also wanted to say thanks to Brandon Harris, he had a great game but I wanted to thank him for representing the area so well. I wasn't happy with that article yesterday though. Any day for him, he should be getting ready for his prom. On the same throw as the pass he made, it was beautiful.

Brian de la Puente signs with the Bears, going from starting center to possible backup.

Hunt Palmer from Bayou Bengals Insider

What can Aaron Nola do to top what he's already done?
Palmer: Nola only has a guaranteed home start for three more games. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to. He just has the ability to be so consistent, and yet when he needs to get better, he manages to do so. He had to get the strike outs in the third inning with one out on third. He did it. This is truly brilliance what we're seeing in Baton Rouge.

What does Nola top off on the radar gun?
Palmer: He pitches consistently at about 92. But in those instances where he needs to get a pitch, he juices it up to 94 or 95. He only does that when he needs to.

Jared Poeche:
Palmer: He's been very good in his home SEC start and has only had one bad inning for road SEC starts.

Palmer: It wouldn't. It's difficult to throw a true freshman in there against a team and it being on national television. I don't know if it'll be the Wisconsin game, I don't know if it will be the fifth game, I don't know if it will be the first game in 2015. But Brandon Harris will be the starter in one of those games. Anthony Jennings can only hold him off for so long.

It was mentioned earlier in the show "are we looking at maybe Anthony Jennings being the 3rd greatest QB right now?"
You never hear about Redding and that's why his time here may not be presenting actual game time. Every time Les Miles answers a QB question, he says "both of them are looking good" never bringing in the third. Something that really irritates me is that Anthony Jennings doesn't look like he's ever trying to throw the ball hard. I don't know if Jennings is the worst QB at LSU right now but I know who is the best, and that's Brandon Harris.

George Whitfield Jr.:
Palmer: Well he's already worked with him a little bit. He said Harris was a guy that he noticed from across the field and his eyes popped and said "Wow! That kids got talent." He said Harris reminded him of Jameis Winston. I think he has a little while to catch up in the weight room but also getting to work him Whitfield

Lucky Jack texts in and asks "Is Brandon Harris another Vince Young? Practice disruptor, but a real gamer..."

Johnny C: It is amazing to watch Nola. It just seems like anytime he wants a strike-out, he can do it. It's a precise pitch too, normally when people try and throw harder, it gets away from them. Man, his control is just really amazing.
Fletch: He has become not just a thrower, but he's become a menacing pitcher.

La Tech's Coach Michael White joins us!

What happened with the car accident:
White: Just driving bad from the Final Four, about halfway home and uh, jstu out of nowhere, we were going with the flow of traffic and all the sudden my car just went straight left. I'll never ever drive on the interstate when it's raining that hard. Just pull over. It was obviously split seconds going through my mind, I'm going down the hill, I was wondering what to do with the steering wheel, and then I see I'm 5 ft away from the wall, and I see the 18-wheelers coming straight for us. Then we hit the wall so hard we got nailed by the airbags. Then we started flipping. After we started slowing down, I was just thinking, "Okay, we've weathered the storm. Now let's just hope that no one hits us." At that point, it's what do we do next, I said we've got to get out of the car as soon as possible and Kyle Church is like yeah before someone drills us. I was up in the air, Kyle was under me, we got out of the second row door eventually. We both get out and we started running across the interstate just to get out of harms way. Eventually we made it about 100 yards off the off-ramp, but for the next 10 minutes, cars just kept stopping and stopping and we just kept yelling "We're the ones who were in it! Y'all get back in your car before someone hits you!". 
First phone call:
White: I called my wife right away, and you're not thinking clearly. I just said "Just in case you've heard..." which I don't know how she would've heard it in the 30 seconds after it happened. And then it was calling to get a ride but it was Tommy McClelland to the rescue again. 

Saturday's games, you were there, what was your take?
White: Two really good games of course. I was surprised with Florida's inability to score against Wisconsin. Florida is arguably the most elite in scoring. UCONN's guards have just been ridiculous. I like Kentucky's big guards. In my mind, I predict them bothering the little ones. We'll see how much success they'll have with that length and that size.