Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ted Madden from Dallas and Matt Yoder from AwfulAnnouncing.com; Who's Derek the RA?!

Ted Madden (WFAA; Dallas):

What do you see the Cowboy's biggest glaring need from the draft?
Madden: Safety and defensive line. I don't know I think it depends on which player you have higher ranked. They say who's the best guy on the board, and they build a team over a few years. But they don't have a few years. This is one of the worst defenses in the history of the NFL.

The fact that their defensive line has been decimated, could they fill out enough spots to have one?
Madden: They kept bringing these guys in and they'd obviously still have a roster but the guys on it may not have much skill and talent.

Corey Johnson filled out a bracket for the "quick and loans" deal and was tied for 4th in the Yahoo bracket challenge. Corey would have won $100,000 if he would have picked the winner last night. Unfortunately, he locked in his bracket and sent it in accidentally forgetting to put his last pick. UCONN. He named his bracket "Corey's Champion Bracket."


No couches burned in Columbus, Ohio!

Do you get the whole setting couches on fire thing?
Yoder: In the mindset of a college student going through that, yes. I've been there. But I don't get how setting couches on fire can be for winning and it can be for losing.

Did you watch the game?
Yoder: The major takeaway I had was Capilari talking to Wilson about how rattled his team was. He blames a lot on his players being freshmen.

Looking at Kentucky's basketball stats, their "freshmen" that have been getting blamed have also played 1,200 minutes of basketball so far. 
Yoder: If you're going to go the one-and-done model, own it. Say "these guys have gotten me through the tournament. They've beaten everyone to get us to this point." If that team last night wasn't prepared for that game after what they've been dealing with...then that's just mind-blowing.

Shabazz Napier on going "to bed starving":
Yoder: It shows how polarizing these kinds of situations are now. Then you see people on the comments arguing that: Shabazz Napier and his teammates are making the University so much money right now, couldn't he have some extra food vs. he's an athlete, the University already adheres to him more than others. I think there has to be a way or a middle ground where you're still providing for these athletes but not turning into the Part II of NFL.

Twelfth Man: I know the night didn't go the way the SEC aficionado's wanted to, but people should know I am a Nascar aficionado and Gordon is #1 in the SEC! SEC! SEC! SEC! He drove a #24 Texas A&M car.