Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Games, Master's Challenge Winner; Aldon Smith Did What? Andrea Lee Punches Cupcake!

Learning about Rat this morning. "I knew it from the start / You'd put an arrow through my heart ..."

LA Tech spring game:
Paul Turner ends up showing out. Were we expecting this? First play of the game, Turner takes a toss from Higgins and goes 70 yards. This is what Tech was sorely missing. It seems like LA Tech has a couple of things cooking on the offense. Trent Taylor continues to show quite the ability to find his way open and when the ball is delivered, participate.

Mississippi State:
Dak Prescott looked like a high contender. They limited him to what he would do in the spring game and they won't give out any kind of film, but he looked really awesome.

Rafe: I don't think our [LA Tech] QB is on the campus yet, I think he's going to be graduating from Iowa in May.
Fletch: What makes you think this guy will do anything different?
Rafe: I've seen what we have and I think he is more talented. I don't think we're ready..I feel like I can go ahead and cross Adam Young off.
Fletch: Let's look up what he's done...
Rafe: Well...he hasn't started...Where Tech's strength is on the Defense with just improvements on the LB situation.

Dr. TV: So you were talking about the explosiveness of the transfer going to Tech from Iowa? Did you see the stats of the freshman at the Tennessee spring game? He had 181 yards, he is one to highlight, for sure.

Schutt Vision Update:
JR: We got some action in the Spring games Saturday...Patterson or Peterson for Miami was wearing it in the spring game, Georgia, ULM, Rutgers, didn't see it on Clemson, Florida State guy was hurt but yeah it's going pretty good.
Fletch: Have you added some orders here recently?
JR: I got the biggest order of life...a little team in Pittsburgh named the Steelers ordered six of them. We're getting a Notre Dame one made and then sending it to Mike & Mike in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully they'll show it on the show. It's pretty much been word-of-mouth with teams that have been just pushing them out. At the collegiate and NFL level it's just word-of-mouth right now. People are just hearing about it, so it's no longer Schutt calling people to tell them about the product.
Fletch: Working with the NCAA, what are the obstacles that you guys have to clear in order to get Schutt Vision approved?
JR: There's a rule that says video equipment can't be on the field or during the play. It writes out to avoid home-cooking if you will, so no one will have an unfair advantage to the other team. We've been asked to meet with the chairman of the committee to talk competitive advantage. For example, if ULM is going to play LSU and LSU has been practicing with Schutt Vision, then ULM should be able to practice with Schutt Vision as well.

2014 Master's Challenge:

Shayne thinks he won the Master's Challenge because he had Watson on his roster. Shayne's total score, was +26. The actual winner is

6) Marc Wilson
T4) Stan Rodgers
T4) John Rosales
3) Craig Mills
2) SoBo
1) Mark Mixon

WINNER: Mark Mixon

Bo Pelini entered the Huskies spring game holding a cat high up in the air: 

 Photo courtesy of: The Big Lead.

Jeff: I just wanted to call and talk about how the CBS weather bug was bugging everyone at the Master's. I think they should get the rights to reciprocate during regular weather broadcasts, have an LSU logo where they would usually have a weather logo. It's only fair.

Andrea Lee: 2013 Muay Tai Champion, 2013 Golden Glove, 2013 IKF World Champion,  V3 Flyweight Champion, 2014 WKA, NAGA World Champion. Basically, if there's an amateur event, she's either the national or world champion.
Lee: I walk around at about 145 but i have to cut to about 125 for fights. It's not as easy for a girl.

Andrea is going to punch Cupcake again.