Friday, April 11, 2014

Short Show Today! Have A Good Weekend!

Arkansas State's Red Wolves Foundation has put up a bid on e-bay. As of right now, for $11,500 you can bid to be the Arkansas State head coach for the Spring Game. 

Billy: Fletch, that's hard for me to believe. This just shows you how much money is floating around college football.
Fletch: With three days left on the bidding to coach Arkansas it's at $11,500.
Billy: What amazes me is that just shows you the power of alumni money at any university. Just how many people would sit down for the Texas gig or USC? It juste shows how much money you just want to throw away. And we wonder why student athletes fall to the temptation of people that have extra money to just stand there in the spring game.
Fletch: There's probably more people thinking "Hey, shouldn't that $11,500 be going into the pockets of recruits?"

Imagine Nick Saban giving up the spring game for some stranger to come in and coach them. Imagine if you were the one who won the bid and the whole time Nick Saban is behind you watching every move you make.

Fletch: I could just see at Alabama if this happened...You're coaching the Crimson Team and you  line them up for a field goal. You point at Saban and then yell "THIS IS WHAT WE SHOULD'VE DONE RIGHT HERE!!!"

G$: I agree the field goal defense needs to be practiced more. I worked for the Captains and we would have Diamond Dig Night. What MLB team would let women get on their field and dig holes?
Fletch: No one.
G$: Well, one night we had "Used Car Night" and brought 10 used cars and even though it was whatever, it put people in the seats. You gotta know who you are and what you stand for. When we're looking at something like this, it's funny, and we can make fun of it, but what has it gotten Arkansas State? It's the same thing that happened with the Lady Techster hire last week.
Fletch: You are absolutely right. Who would be talking about Arkansas State football's spring game if it weren't for this e-bay bid. Who would have been talking about the Lady Techsters if it weren't for the hiring of Tyler Summitt?