Tuesday, April 29, 2014

SEC Scheduling; Coach Johnny Jones; Coach Rodney Guin Update

Player of the Day: Mike Scott of the Atlanta Hawks.

Saturday September 20th is when Dak Prescott and Mississippi State try and prove that they are a player in the SEC against LSU.

Mark: It's Mississippi State, they're still Mississippi State. Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, and Auburn will all be battling for fourth place.

Lance Snow is leaving KTAL for Wichita, KS. When Fletch was still at KTBS he tried to get them to hire Lance because he was so good!

Fletch's Take on the SEC Scheduling:
Is it possible that the SEC in its infinite wisdom since 1992, is it possible that they are just gearing up for that last round of expansion? We brought it up on the show 4-5 years ago around this time and Fletch drew out a map of the country being divided into 5-sixteen team conferences. How difficult would it be to add Texas and Oklahoma? Or Florida State and Clemson?

Ralph: If they want it, get on the field and do it. Who's scared of Florida? Hell. That's what I'm looking at. Give us a tough schedule and let's defeat them. Every year I want 12-0 and I know I don't get it every year. Now baseball, I'm surprised about the love we got after giving it to the bottom feeders last weekend. You said yesterday, win five of the next six. I think they could just go in as the west champion and take regional.

LSU's Coach Johnny Jones Interview: 

Fletch: You had a good recruiting class by having a couple of guys say they were coming back.
Jones: When you have guys like that, that can make an impact on your program, it certainly gave us a lift.

Fletch: It seems like the SEC is riding a hot streak and with Kentucky trying to top you:
Jones: Well I think it's gotta be great for a league when you have a team like Kentucky and a top recruiting class come back and at the same time you look at Florida with guys transferring in and returning. You look at our league in the past few years taking a hit but I think it's a good thing when three of the teams are in the Sweet 16 and two make it to the Final Four.

Fletch: How do Gray ad Hornsby fit into the mix?
Jones: I think Josh Gray is more of a PG, Hornsby is an excellent scorer, tremendous athleticism.

Fletch: It seems like for a while the SEC was one of the leaders and powerhouses with African-American Coaches
Jones: The thing is, when they asked me, there were seven at the time and I just replaced one so there was still seven. I was just excited to be one of those guys but at the same time when you look at the league, they wanted to make sure the best available person had the job.

Fletch: What goes through your mind when you hear about the David Sterling stuff going on?
Jones: It's unfortunate because I don't know enough about the background, but I think when you look at the outbursts from the President, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson you see what's going on and I hope it can be handled in the most appropriate way.

Fletch: One thing I've never understood is why students at larger schools never show up for basketball games, what can y'all do?
Jones: Well, I can tell you this. I think you have to see if you can take it off the television so people don't have to sit and watch it at home. Attendance has really risen over the last two years. If you win they will come. If you build it they'll continue to come.

He has made it to Dallas. This is from his daughter Mallory's Facebook:
Y'all we have A BIG PRAISE! While we were in seeing the doctor, Daddy came off his sedation for a few minutes so they could check some signs! Dad got to see his girls, we finally got to talk to him and tell him how proud we are of him! Keep the prayers coming. God is working so hard on our precious Dad! Thank you all for praying and loving him the way we do. Our God is in more control than we know. We are THRILLED!

Lucky Jack: Good guy. I used to play softball against him, and that whole bunch of them, they're good folks. I hope something good works out for him. The Florida-Georgia thing with LSU playing them 18 times. When they brought Texas A&M and Mizzou into the SEC I thought it was the simplest math to put Auburn and Alabama in the SEC West so they could play each other in the SEC championship. 
Fletch: That's what we were talking about with Mark earlier, Mizzou is getting hosed. 

Fletch: You and your Vols messing up the schedule...
Dr. TV: At least we aren't doing like Les Miles and complaining about Florida. Florida should be complaining about LSU. If you think Saban loves the fact that he wants to play Tennessee, why would he want to send off Auburn? If you're trying to find the easiest components you can find, why would you want to stay with Auburn? I think the whole scheduling thing isn't being based on the last 10 years, but the forever since they started. 

RP: As far as the scheduling, yeah a 9-game rotation would be great but I'm with Bama Doug, why change it just to change it? 

Voice analyst confirms Donald Sterling's voice. Another NBA Owner says he wonders if anyone can be a terrible person in private again. 

Robert: I agree with there's going to end up being 16 teams at least. But I don't think they will be able to purge the others out of it. I think there's too much demand from schools for D-2 and D-3 schools to keep up.