Monday, April 28, 2014

Scott Muscutt Talks 10 Year Anniversary; Coach Guin Updates

Joe Alleva was one of the main leaders trying to break up the SEC schedule. The vote yesterday out ruled his wishes.

Killer Dawg: Florida/ South Carolina and LSU/ Texas A&M would make to much sense I guess.

Skandar: It's the whole sucking-up-to-Alabama thing. Alleva said "We've played Georgia and Florida 17 times, Alabama has played them 8."
Fletch: It's one of those things where it's "the winner of this game has the leg up in __!" and that would be Florida v. LSU or "the winner of this game has the leg up in the SEC __!" and that would be Georgia vs. LSU. Alabama always had "the winner of this game has the leg up in this one!" And it's always Bama vs. LSU.

Ten years ago today, the Laredo Bucks stole the cup away from the Mudbugs. Live from Canada, Scott Muscutt! 
Fletch: When you were approached by Roy Lang about doing a story on the Laredo debacle, did you realize it was 10 years ago today?
Muscutt: No, not at all. I think it was just me thinking that because to me this game has never stopped playing.
Fletch: If you could take s back to that game
Muscutt: It was in overtime that Dave Oliver scored and he said he lost sight of it. We went ahead, relatively late in the third. Right off the face-off, one guy lost it and slid all the way taking Kenny Carroll out of the net and then it pushed it in.
Fletch: When Shrank explained to
Muscutt: Yeah, he did come over he said "Musky, I lost sight of the puck." I told him where it was and said it was right here. At that point we were thinking don't let this rattle us because even though we did think we won, if we didn't, we were going to have to go back out there and score. Bucks came down and fired a shot, it was a no-goal, we start skating to score and all the sudden confetti started falling and I looked at one of our players and the color of his face went away. Not a single official, not a single coach, no one except a guy who had never played hockey a day in his life chose the winner. Inman from Laredo fired a slap shot to Carroll and it hit off the post. We took a puck and started to skate, after the confetti fell, the ref went to the other ones and said did you guys see a puck go in? They said no. He went to Lopez the goal judge, who was from Laredo and also never played a game in his life, asked him and the whole thing is...if you ask him, it means it's because you aren't sure, so then you have to go with whatever he decides.

Muscutt: It's dark in that it happened and I really felt like every guy that we had asked that they demand excellence every day they came to the rink didn't get exactly what they deserved. They deserved to know if all of the hard work could have paid off. But to this day there has been a tremendous amount of healing. For years I kept looking for ways to say the right thing to them. In the attempt, the relationships kept continuing to grow and when that 2011-2012 Mudbug team won, those guys on that team, have no idea what they did to make and to give that last team their closure. Having those guys come down to Shreveport and just sitting down, it really was a cool thing that was provided by that last team that won. That dark cloud was actually a pretty good circle of friends, it was one thing that we shared and maybe even champions don't get to experience that.

Muscutt: I can not put into words the support. I thought I was crushed, and I felt the weight of the world, and when you came back there were just so many people, getting emails and phone calls from people in Shreveport, Bossier, East Texas, and everyone wanting to grab their handful of disappointment and pain and say we're here, we feel it too. My pastor, after it had aired on tv, my reaction to the league officials and it was absolutely over the top. My pastor addressed the congregation and said "Haven't we all said some things that we didn't mean to?" and thankfully some guy in the back yelled "I WOULD'VE SAID THE EXACT SAME THING COACH!!" But after that day, we learned that all of these folks can help the grieving process. It's an excellent group of hockey fans still here.

Fletch: We were the ones that had the raw footage of the argument in the hallway, and my boss told me to just cut the expletives out and run it. It is one of those things that lives on. Trey Langford cut DVD's for all of the Mudbugs to have. Mudbugs hockey was something in Shreveport-Bossier for many, many years. If there was any way to take off your puck-colored-glasses and remove yourself off of the zamboni and look at our community...can this community support hockey?
Muscutt: I gotta tell you, and I will take all of those hats off. It's been what 3 or 4 years now, and don't get me wrong I LVOE IT. I can't go to Kroger, I can't go to eat, I can't do anything without something coming up to me and saying "Coach, we've gotta do something. We have to get hockey back." And they aren't just asking, or telling me, they are begging me. Hockey in Shreveport-Bossier thrives. We've got to keep looking for that eact model. I think that hockey...I KNOW it can work. It's just a matter of getting ahold of the right people and we do the right thing, take the right steps, and go down the right path.
Fletch: Do you want to be apart of that?
Muscutt: If I had to pay money to be apart of it, I would. I made the parents of a 10-year-old boy a promise and I'm not backing out on that promise.

Roy Lang joins us on-air!
Lang: I spent more than a month coming up with who to talk to and some ideas of my own and memories of my own. I talked to 20 people at least. I had 7 hours of interview on my phone. The best part of doing this story is not only bringing in these little nuggets, like the bombing practice from Barksdale. Talking to the guys again, I hadn't talked to some of these guys in 10 years. The only sad thing was I couldn't get all of it in the paper or even online. There was so much more than actually appears online.
Fletch: My favorite story that I didn't know about until today was former Jason...
Lang: Jason Rent was a part of a military affairs council. Weekly, they would go over there and show them what they do in the process of how things are done at Barksdale. One day, a year later after Mudbugs lost, he went over there and went into the war room and they started showing him this fake mission and all the sudden they started showing Laredo, TX and the mission was to retrieve the Cup that Laredo Bucks had stolen from the Mudbugs.

Fletch: I asked Muscutt if he had talked to Lopez he said he didn't 10 years ago and he wouldn't today. You could hear it in his voice, you could understand that if Lopez showed up at Muscutt's house with a bouquet of flowers...he'd be eating the petals and spitting out the stems.
Lang: You could just hear the blood pressure rising. If he could've reached through the phone and punched me, he would've. This is his biggest challenge, he can't let it go and it eats away from him. I reached the CHL in the process and I didn't rip Lopez that bad, he was a passionate fan. Lopez volunteered for San Antonio but they wouldn't take him.
Fletch: They need to wait until the playoffs and then they'll hire him.

Lang: Nothing got the community going like the Mudbugs. It just doesn't happen. When Muscutt said people took it personally, they did. Bossier-Shreveport got hosed.
Fletch: Do you think that Shreveport-Bossier can support a hockey team again in some sort of shape and fashion?
Lang: There's not doubt in my mind that hockey can survive here, it's all about the business model. A lot of cities have been going to the junior league and the overhead is minimal and the hockey is just as good. If Scott Muscutt can't bring hover here, then it won't happen because he's the most passionate person about it here. Competitive hockey in general can be done here.

Coach David Haynie from Haughton High School updates us on Coach Guin:
Haynie: Mr. Couvillion wanted me to call on his behalf. Our latest update, nothing has really changed since last night. The plan was that this morning he'd be transferred to Baylor hospital in Dallas, in fact that's probably taking place as we speak. Baylor was lining up a team.
Fletch: How long have you know Coach Guin?
David: Oh, twenty-two years roughly.
Fletch: Is there anyway to even put a measurement on what Rodney Guin means in the Haughton community?
David: Oh no. He's so much more than a football coach in this community. He's a father figure, a deacon in the church. He's not just a coworker, he's a family member. There's a big absence at our school this morning.
Fletch: We also know that he has two daughters who he has always doted on. It was devastating news to hear and we're always hoping for positive news. It's going to be a long road, we know that, but it appears to be a plan at place to get him healthier. Aly who is a Haughton grad and we were talking about it, he's in great shape, is there any family history or any tell-tale sign?
Haynie: This is a complete shock. Of course it makes everyone question their own health. There was nothing that gave us any warning. He had traveled to a state championship with Mr. Couvillion and came back.
Fletch: What can people do? At times like that everyone wants something to do. Is there anything that the school needs? The students? The players?
Haynie: Prayer is the best thing that they need right now. It's overwhelming how much support Tracy and his girls are receiving right now. It's really a great show of love for the Haughton community and from the Haughton community.

Ten days away from the NFL Draft. Ten days away from the Texans drafting Jadeveon Clowney. 

Ralph: Thoughts and prayers out the Guin family and the Haughton community. How'd you come out on your picks for the weekend?
Fletch: I believe I said LSU would be a big disappointment, and Alabama would lose. I didn't think Ole Miss would take care of their business, but they did. 

If LSU goes 5-6 over the next games, they will be a national seed.