Thursday, April 24, 2014

NFL Schedule; Tommy Scott Owner of Mudbugs; Todd Walker!

Cowboy's season looking at their schedule:
Fletch loves the Cowboys early season, says anytime you have the Jaguars at any point in the season is a good thing. If they can beat the 49-er's at home, then that will put them off to a great start. The Rams won 7 games last year and it may be more difficult for them to do that this year. The Cowboy's could be 3-3 at the beginning 2-4 at the worst. After that, they'll win the next three games. 8-2 by the bye week, but a conservative view would be 7-3.

We asked Cowboy's fans to call in and tell us what they think of the prediction, but we think they're too scared to call in from these past few seasons.

Maybe this is a year the Cowboys need. They'll be flying under the radar. We know the Cowboy's are popular, they underperform, and they're mislead by Jerry Jones. Their defense needs to be young and that requires a lot from the draft this year. Fletch thinks the Cowboy's have a legitimate chance to be better than they were last year, because their expectations are so low from last year. Fletch thinks that Tony Romo is going to play looser this year than he has in the past, and that Jason Garret will coach looser than he has in the past. Cowboys will roll the dice and take chances. Going to Chicago in December, you gotta think that's a loss.

Tommy Scott (Owner of the Mudbugs):

What is your take on Hirsch Memorial Coliseum?
TS: Don't think that that's a new idea. We would talk about that idea back when we had the Mudbugs. It's something we always considered, I know with all of my heart that it's a wrong idea, it's not the thing to do. Don't do the same thing over and over again and expect something different to happen. It's the Hirsch, it's old, you can't put anything new in it. It would be better to build something new. Also, it isn't in the right neighborhood.

Do you think hockey can return/will return in the near future and what makes you think it has a chance for success if it does return?
TS: The answer is yeah, it can return. As far as near future, it's going to be up to the people of Shreveport-Bossier. As far as what will be different...Shreveport supports things, but they support what they can support. Shreveport hasn't changed much, but sports in Shreveport have changed. The competitiveness for them, Fairgrounds Field used to be the gem of the league. Shreveport just can't really support professional sports, but when it comes to amateur sports and youth athletics we can support those.

The are really likes to focus on amateur athletics, but there's really nowhere to go. Cargill hasn't been upgraded since it was built. If you're the zar of sports for the day what are you doing?
TS: I would just....I'm not going to get into too many details but wouldn't it be nice if Shreveport-Bossier had something where everybody else went "Wow" or you're sitting at the office talking about "we just got back from Dallas, you should see this place!" Well what if those Dallas people would do that? It's the attitude that a lot of Shreveport-ers have, they think we don't deserve these things. It's easier to complain about it and then just drive to Dallas. Why drive to Dallas? Don't you think they should come to us every now and then? Something that you and your kids are really proud of displaying athletics on and then they can chase their dreams there.

There aren't any tournaments in Shreveport for baseball.
TS: One of the reasons everyone likes baseball is because all of the parents out there see their kid as the next Nolan Ryan. Hopefully the kids play because they enjoy it, but my point is that people see there's a future with it. They say "my son could play this through high school and maybe college." I know it's not a cheap sport, besides the cleats, bats, and gloves, kids are going to batting practices and pitching camps. We do it because we love our kids and we want them to succeed and do whatever they want to do and enjoy it. People here will support amateur sports because we do them with our kids.

Fletch: When we were growing up, everyone played baseball, it's just what everyone did. It seems like now we've made it inaccessible for inner city kids and basically black kids to play baseball. There's got to be a way to get white kids and black kids both playing baseball, because like you said, it can be cost prohibited. But when we talk about city leaders, city agencies, city leaderships...I've always urged them to talk to the people who are experts in their field. When you're looking to make a new baseball stadium, why not talk to Todd Walker? When you're trying to put on a football camp, why not talk to Jacob Hester? When it comes to hockey, do you ever get phone calls about hockey?
TS: No, never. I've gotten nothing. I'm not saying I know everything and I'm right but the thing is I've been in the trenches. It's been three years and it's not like I haven't been thinking about it. I think it's come down to the point where I have a plan and I say I will keep hanging on for three or four more weeks. What is encompass sports anyway?
What is Encompass sports?
TS: Everything is cool as long as someone else pays the bill. We kind of have something to where everyone will have the chance to say we want this or we don't want this. It's really exciting and it's something I'd love to see happen here, and I'm form here. It's for everybody, not just for rich white kids. With that said, I'm going to pimp out my own league...I've got ball hockey on Sundays at 3pm for adults (big teenagers-adult) now at Hot Wheels by Jimmy Davis Bridge, you on't have to skate, just run, and you basically just play hockey. You can try it for free this Sunday, I have equipment. We're looking for people that are Joes to Pros. You've never done anything or tried sports, come out and try it. You played sports, any sport, come out and try it.

Todd Walker joins us in the studio!

What peaked your interest more?
NHL Playoffs
NBA Playoffs
NFL Schedule Release
College Baseball
TW: Well...I didn't know any of that was going on so I guess college baseball. LSU routed Tulane...we got routed in Minden last night. Excited was the last emotion for us I think. I think you get way more out of the losses than you do the wins. Practices after a loss are better because they realize they aren't as good as they wanted to.

While you were there, did you ever feel like the franchise was cursed or the field was cursed?
TW: I never bought into it. Nothing really happened except we got beat.

Keith: I've been a fan of yours for my accent you can tell I'm Italian right? (He's African-American). Why aren't many blacks playing baseball in high school? Because I grew up playing baseball and loving it. Sammy without the juice?
TW: In the neighborhoods, basketball and football is God. If you're a star football player, you are loved. If you're a star basketball player, they love you. If you're a star baseball player in the African-American communities, you're not that big of a deal, so you gravitate towards the other two. For me, all of my friends, we played baseball because we couldn't play basketball, we weren't good enough, some played football.
Keith: A lot of blacks, especially from the Dominican Republic, gravitate towards baseball because its cheaper.
TW: Yeah, and some play soccer, but they look at it as a way to get out. Where'd you grow up?
Keith: I grew up in the rural area in Northwest Louisiana. We played baseball, we watched baseball. In high school, our teachers let us watch the World Series during class.
Fletch: Yep, ours in Monticello did too.

Rick Holland: You may not know this Tim, but Todd is a very accomplished tennis player in our community.

Pine Tar on his neck for Michael Pineda: 
TW: He can't do it again because every one knows about it now and that means he has to change his pitching game.
Fletch: Barry Larkin said he liked the fact that pitchers use pine tar because it means it will be controlled pitches.