Friday, April 4, 2014

Musical Chairs Competition (DETAILS)! Lulu Perry on Coach Summitt; Hunt Palmer and Coach Michael White!

Steve Baker, the Competitive Musical Chairs maker.
When? -Tomorrow, Saturday, April 5th!
Where? - Lee Hedges Stadium in Shreveport
What Time? - Gates open at 9:30; competition begins at 10:15!

Player of the Day: Evangel Eagle's Austin Stegall (rhymes).

Bama Doug: I think that is the stupidest thing ever to not hire her (Kim Mulkey).
Fletch: They should've hired her but they didn't and since then it's been downhill.

Lulu Perry has yet to hit her stride as a Lady Techster, here's the interview from yesterday:

Tell us a little about how you feel about the hiring of Coach Summitt:
Perry: I'm excited to have Coach Summitt as a head coach, especially with him having the last name Summitt!

Have you had a chance to visit with him yet?
Perry: Not really! We had a team meeting to greet him but we'll have individual meetings later on.

How did you feel when Coach Weatherspoon left?
Perry: The beginning was sad, I've been knowing Coach Spoon since I was in 8th grade. Her leaving was sad, but having a new coach is exciting. To play for someone else and find out if they are better for you and better for the team.

What was your initial reaction when you heard how young Coach Summitt was?
Perry: My first reaction was "Yeah! He's young! He's like our age!" But as soon as he started talking I knew he was a business man.

Leon Barmore just said there's no reason why this team should ever be 14th in Conference-USA:
Perry: I feel the same way, we are good enough to beat those teams and compete with them. We shouldn't have lost. I'm going to do whatever Coach Summitt tells me to do.

Hunt Palmer from Bayou Bengals Insider:

What's the weather like in Baton Rouge and what is it expected to look like? 
Palmer: Well, I guess I should've expected this because this school year has been the worst year of weather so far. The good news for baseball is the Box is obviously new and as long as it isn't raining in the present moment, they can play.

Palmer: LSU has done a really good job of stock piling depth. In 2011 at the National Championship, all they did was run the ball. We'll have to see how ready these freshman are.

On the Quarterback Race: 
Palmer: Well, it's pretty clear right now that Jennings is the No. 1 guy. Just with the experience factor, it's not like Jennings has had this incredible spring and blown everyone away and it's not like Harris has come in and put the heat on Jennings. Harris is still missing some of his footwork and learning to pass to some of the guys who are a little faster than the guys Harris is used to throwing to. Jennings is the clear choice with who will start for this season but there is no doubt that Harris will be a starting quarterback at LSU at some point. He is more talented than Jennings, he's just not ready.

Has Brandon made a transition to the camaraderie yet?
Palmer: That's going to be the easiest part for him. He's a personal social guy and I think a lot of guys have gravitated towards him, including Jennings. In practice, neither one of those two guys have worn a no-tackling jersey, they've been live the entire time. They've had tackling drills. It looks like they're getting along, which is a positive in my opinion.
Fletch: When you get a separation between two quarterbacks, as we've seen with the collapse in the National Championship against Alabama, you get a two-sided locker room.

When all is over with, if this has been a successful Spring Game, what will come out of it?
Palmer: First thing is that it's pouring, second thing is that no ones knee is blown out. Seeing young red shirt freshman beat the offensive line.

Jordan Allen:
Palmer: Playing time, and just some frustration. When you're in the program that long and you still aren't a key guy, then you've got younger guys that are going before you. Allen got caught with some injuries and never really recovered and he's now graduated.

Break Down this Baseball Series:
Palmer: This is a monster series for LSU anyway you slice it. They have to turn it around quick. This is a series between two teams that don't like each other and they have a lot of history. The two coaches aren't best friends, it should be an intense series. LSU needs to win, and with Aaron Nola on the mound he's got to bring it. The M. State bullpen is brilliant. The journalist in me wants the story to be that Alex Bregman's home run brings them to life this series.

Palmer: I think LSU will win 2-3.

Put in perspective where Nola ranks among the hurlers at LSU:
Palmer: He's not as physically gifted as some, but he's absolutely every bit accomplished as some of the legends and all those guys that were brilliant.

Bob McElhatten: I got an award yesterday for Rookie of the Year in realtor world.
Fletch: Does this allow you to break free for Wrestlemania
Bob: Let me tell you a funny story, I got married one year ago. Bunkie Perkins and I found two tickets for a very low price right next to the ring. My wife said "really? You want to do that for our first anniversary?"
Fletch: I don't think they serve champagne and wedding cake at Wrestlemania...
Bob: If they do, it's on a stick.
Fletch: And deep-fried.

Fletch: What former bouncer failed boxer Rocky-costar was a member of Wrestlemania I?
Bob: I pity the fool.

The Saints have allowed Rafael Bush to test out the free-agency life, and the Falcons want him. Now the Saints have to match him or he's gone.

Ralph: Dude you've been more places than I have in the last two weeks! There's nothing to growl about Getting swept in Gainesville kind of puts you back in the cave for a little while. 

Coach Michael White:

When did this all kind of take place? 
White: We've had conversations over the last couple of weeks, both Tommy and I and we've both had time to consider things. I guess to finally put closure to it is very rewarding and it is time to put it behind us and move on to the next chapter. 

Had it become a distraction or were you worried about it becoming a distraction?
White: I was worried about having conversation while we were still playing and thinking about the future and finances and potentially future positions. I wanted my focus to be on our opponent. Working with Tommy is excellent. We had an open line of communication but there was absolutely no pressure. Obviously, financially for security for my family, at this point I can lock in the next chapter of LA Tech basketball with an awesome group of young men and hopefully take the next step in the very near future. 

What does the mentality that everyone was convinced you were gone have to say for La Tech getting rid of young coaches?
Hopefully it will put it to rest. While you have a successful program where you expect your team to be good year in and year out and doing so in a town that you really like living in and for a program that is continuing to grow. Why would you want to leave that?

If you could take us through that two week stretch between the Conference-USA experience:
White: It was very rewarding in a lot of ways. Ultimately, we were disappointed for not making the NCAA Tournament. Does it mean we had a disappointing season? Absolutely not. To finish up the way we did was really good. Obviously it wasn't the ultimate, but to go into the conference tournament as the No. 1 seed and from there to play the next round up, we knew it was a unique test. We had success over Charlotte and then boom Southern Miss.  Tulsa was playing better than anyone in our league at the time and they deserved to go to the NCAA Tournament. 

More people seem to really be excited for LA Tech basketball because of the potential of the program. 
White: Potentially, we could be really good. We have some factors we need to address. Why we could be good? We have three returning guards. Speedy Smith has been there and done it, he'll be a senior next year and he'll be one of the best point-guards in the nation. Applebee is getting 17 in a game before he got hurt. Hamilton is another, he's coming back and he's getting better. 

Your family reaction:
White: I think my brother was probably less excited than anyone else. He is my little brother, so I do talk down to him sometimes! No, we're in a unique situation, we're very close and to be able to work with him not only in the same town, but in the same athletic department? We know these things don't usually last for very long. 

White: Jerry McGuire, I've got to publicly thank you for your undercover agency work. Our program has gotten everyone excited for the next upcoming years and that's because the coverage we've gotten form y'all is very appreciative.