Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LSU vs. Bama National Championship Woes; NFL Scheduling

T. Bob Hebert on the National Championship:

It got unbelievably lucky, I didn't snap the ball because there were too many people on the field, I didn't snap it because the clock was going to run out. The play that was called was a running play and we didn't have any time outs left or any formations for after it.

What actually took place:
-Multiple formations on that play.

Billy: This is nothing that I haven't seen throughout the years, especially with coach Les Miles. The buck stops with him, it stops with developmental players, it stops with players getting better between freshman and senior year. I am amazed with Mettenberger once he finally got a little bit of coaching from Cam Cameron or at least he started listening. LSU has one to spite and that is aways the coach.
Fletch: There are plenty of instances where they won in spite. It just amazed me that Hebert said "there were so many different formations" not even plays, FORMATIONS! Who was running the show the entire time? If this doesn't show you that Cameron should be the MVP of college football then I don't know what will. Cam sends the play down, that play goes out, boom. It all goes back to him.

NFL announces their schedule tonight. 

Bubba: We're looking forward to seeing that schedule and the Saints Cleveland tilt...the reason for my call is when did Conference-USA become the coaching hot bed for American? This is crazy.
Fletch: They've become the cradle of coaches.

What will get better ratings? A playoff game featuring Mavericks vs. Spurs or a reading of a list of games by the NFL?
Cupcake: List of games?
Fletch: Correct!

Fundraiser for Frank and Liz Guerra at Rotolo's tomorrow night:

Frank and Liz Guerra were riding home from Caster on Saturday April 12th when a deer struck them on their motorcycle only less than a mile from their home. The deer hit Frank(the driver) and the motorcycle which ejected them about 50 ft from the collision and Liz(the passenger) rolled into the ditch. Liz awoke in a panic to see her husband lying in the road speechless. She forced herself to get up and walk over to him to see if he was okay. She retrieved a flashlight and sat beside him flashing it so another driver would see them and not hit them. She then scurried around to find his cell phone to call for help because her phone was lost in the accident. They were both taken to LSU hospital, she arrived by ambulance the father was air lifted. The mother suffers from extreme road rash covering both of her limbs, a 15cm gas across her forehead, laceration on her spleen, fractured cheek bone, crack in her skull and air in her brain. The father suffers from a broken collar bone, broken shoulder and shoulder blade, broken ribs, bleeding from the brain, ruptured eardrums which spinal fluid is leaking from, and memory loss due to severe head trauma. Mrs. Liz was released home Thursday April 17th to return home with little to no mobility. The father still remains in intensive care at LSU Hospital. Frank and Liz are the foundation to a big family they 4 sons, 2 daughters, and 6 grandchildren, and have been going through this struggle with no health insurance. 

TOMORROW NIGHT AT BOTH ROTOLO'S LOCATION, 10% of all proceeds will go towards their medical bills. Stop by, make a to-go order, make a donation!

Louisiana Tech QB Scotty Young has put his football career to an end. This leaves the Bulldogs with the question "What if" when it comes to Ryan Higgins and if he ever gets injured.

JR: Hanging on the wall in the scheduling room at the NFL office is a wall with nails and hanging tails. They still use the formulas but they've been doing it like that for the past 30 years and there's all this fancy equipment but then there's that. 
Fletch: Hmm. I wonder if Roger Goodell counts the fines with an abacus.