Friday, April 25, 2014

House Bill 1191

House Bill 1191

Trey: Is that just indicative of the lack of interest/knowledge in the whole situation and what we're trying to accomplish up here? I guess the "little people" weren't having enough influence on her. Why in the world you wouldn't get behind this thing is beyond me.
Fletch: This is the thing, it isn't a tax on you, on me, on any of us. It's just an additional charge for visitors coming to stay in hotels at Shreveport-Bossier.
Trey: Well, in the words of Rep. Norton, "keep up the good work, and keep doing a good job."

Player of the Day: Representative Burrell

Rep. Barbara Norton, again, voted against House Bill 1191 which if passed would place a 2.5% tax increase on hotel/motel tax going towards the Shreveport-Bossier Sports Commission, the ArkLaTex Regional Air Service Alliance, and the Independence Bowl Foundation.

How about a marathon in Shreveport? We have a huge number of runners in the Shreveport-Bossier area! Just look around when your'e driving.

Killer Dawg: That's what I do, I run marathons. Let's see, San Antonio was a rather small marathon, 20,000 people. Hmm. The thing is, let's take Shreveport for example. First thing, I've paid $2,000 every time I go out of town for a marathon. It's at least $1,000 for one night to participate with hotel fees, registration, gear, souvenirs.

Bama Doug: This Barbara Norton thing is ridiculous. I heard Cedric Glover say he wanted to make the south look at Shreveport like a major city. I mean have clue for God's sake, this is what's holding the city back.

Barbara Norton on House Bill 1191:

Norton: I heard you mention the fact you have a port of hotels and you mentioned governmental bodies that you have support. Let me ask you, do you have support from all of the hotels?
Other: No mam, the hotels are split.
Norton: Is there a reason why is it that the hotel association, hotel/motel association and all of them are not together and if there are reasons that you know of will you share them?
Other: I think there will be a time for the opposition to come and speak for themselves because that seems like a better question for them and we did our due diligence.
Norton: Do you have any stats or amount that will accost the hotel and customers? What losses will they lose in that 365 days?
Other: I think the hotel/motel association is a better selection to ask.
Other 2: It will increase the revenue so I don't look at it as a loss, more as an increase in tourism.
Norton: I have some hotels and motels in my district and I've been told that this will not be the best thing for them, nor will it be the best thing for their operation and that's the reason why I asked that question, once they come to the table I guess I will get the number for the loss. The other thing I wanted to pretty other question...I'm hearing from some of the other hotel/motels that Duck Dynasty is that how you say it? Will be a big contender for the Independence Bowl. Do any of y'all have the amount of money to bring in that they will?
Other: We have the chairman of the board for the Independence Bowl here.
Chairman Paul Pratt: Mrs. Norton to your question, Duck Commander is our title sponsor and they are bringing in money, including other value items.
Norton: Is there a time frame that this money will be or check will be given to the Independence Bowl?
Chairman: Actually it's a sponsorship that runs throughout the year...and it's signed until 2019.

Norton: Is there a breakdown that you have after that one day game comes and goes?
Chairman: There have been studies of the tourism from the Independence Bowl, but the tourism bureau will be the one to supply those.
Norton: So you're asking for 2.5% along with $1.3 M but you don't have anything to validate....Wait, lemme change that word.
Chairman: Based not he tourism bureau's study last year, and all is about a $55M impact. This is the third largest game in Louisiana besides LSU and New Orleans.

Norton: So...How much out of the umm, should I say...$900,000 of the million will be used for the Independence Bowl?
Chairman: All of the $900,000 would go to the Independence Bowl. And we have a conference tie in with the ACC and the SEC.
Norton: If this 2.5% should leave out of here, then you all would not be able to reach out to higher teams as far as a bigger name.
Chairman: That's not true, we have a meeting to discuss that later.

Norton: You were saying that you are going got be able to reach more popular teams, and if you are do you have a name of the couple of the teams you've reached out to?
Chairman: Uh, that's hard today because the teams haven't even started their seasons yet.