Friday, April 18, 2014

Hirsch Coliseum talk and LSU Baseball

Player of the Day: Mayor Cedric Glover.

RE-PLAY of the CEDRIC GLOVER interview about the Hirsch Coliseum and wanting to put money back into it.

Cupcake thought Easter was last Sunday.

Ralph: I did not know, I knew they were hostile over there, but I didn't know they were rude. That's another story.
Fletch: They were not happy, that's the first SEC home game Ole Miss has lost.
Ralph: What do you think about coaches continuously coming out and crying and whining?
Fletch: I think it can benefit you if you play it the right way. If you bring the issue to the umpire's attention in a calm and professional matter, you'll likely get the call. But if you become a thorn in the side, you end up looking like an idiot.
Ralph: It was a good ballgame, I'm hoping they can come out with a series win. I was just going to get your take on manager's tying up the game.
Fletch: Well Aly said she likes the pace of the game because although there's something always exciting with every pitch, it's a nice pace.

Keith: I'm gonna tell you something, in basketball, you got mostly black kids. And in baseball you got mostly white kids. You got more places in Kentucky and Florida that don't care, but then you got Ole Miss and Mississippi schools with kids that react differently. All over the nation, people watch March Madness, but in the south some would rather watch the CWS. There's still some southern states that think its 1957.
Fletch: I think some pockets of the southern states, yes.

Fairgrounds Field Solutions:
Use architecture. Wherever the bats are, rebuild around it so the bats can't have access.
Gradually push them out.
Use Cupcake as bait and let him walk the bats out and continue to walk until he dies, we name the stadium after Cupcake, may he rest in peace.

Wade: You had me at Hawthorne. I'm still waiting for him to say the lead hitter's name right. He says "Mac-Mullen" instead of "McMullen". I wish he would pick a sport, have a farewell tour, I'll even take him announcing a year in advance. It's one thing he does that drives me nuts is he can't stand anyone talking over himself. 

JBo: I love the Hirsch, been there many times. The only downfall about fixing the Hirsch is that it's an old building, after the first $10M put into it, years later you'll have to put another bit of money into it. 

Bill: Hirsch does have a concert coming, Paul Rogers. But my wife won't go because you have to pay for parking and if it rains then you'll get dripped on during the concert. 

Russell: I had to help my friend remove bats. They're just taking them out and removing them. We put simple steel on the beams and they ran out of places to rest and nest. 

Terry: I say they take that $10M and make it into a $10M lazy river.