Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DeSean Jackson's "done-deal"; LSU Spring Game; Matt Yoder! TUESDAY!

A source close to DeSean Jackson says Redskins deal is a "done-deal".

LSU has picked up a couple of home-and-home series with UCLA and Arizona State. LSU will play in the Rose Bowl in 2021 to face UCLA. The Bruins will return the favor and come to to play in Tiger Stadium in 2024. LSU will take on Arizona State in Tempe, Arizona in 2022. The Sun Devils will journey to Baton Rouge in 2023.

We are unfortunately not going to be carrying the LSU Spring Game on AM1130, but we will be carrying the Auburn Spring Game, those who thought we got rid of Finebaum.

Going Crazy: Texas Rangers this year, do you think this 15-10 game is going to be typical/.
Fletch: I really do man. It was like watching batting practice yesterday. No one in the bullpen was able to put the fire out last night. I have a feeling there will be lots of double digit scores on the scoreboard. Call me nuts, I still don't think the Prince Fielder signing is a no-brainer. I wonder how he's going to hold up in the heat.

Bama Doug: So many things to talk about man. That's what it's all going to come down to, who's going to get the pitching down. I'll take Mike Trout. 

TONIGHT AT BOTH ROTOLO'S, GBS FUNDRAISER EVENT. WRITE GBS AT THE TOP OF YOUR BILL AND 10% will go to the start of a foundation here in Shreveport. This Saturday, the Parkway Panthers are hosting a movie night starring the cheerleaders, dance line, and football team! It's $5 to get in and they'll be showing the movie Frozen! Parkway's OL Austin Schmid is doing all of this for his senior project, to benefit GBS. What a great way to help out the community! 

Zach: I know we're pretty early in the SEC season but the hitting woes are pretty prominent. 
Fletch: Bregman had an extra batting practice session early yesterday morning. I think the best thing that's going to happen to them is that they're playing the next 8 games at home. 
Zach: I think it's a real possibility that UL will be a Top 8 seed and then LSU may have to face them in Lafayette.
Fletch: Yep, all it takes is a sweep. You gotta think "sweep, sweep, sweep..." that's whats so good about this being just the fourth series this season. Then at some point, you've got to stop worrying about the No. 8 seed and you have to start worrying about even getting into the tournament!

Dr. TV: You know, I'm a little bit upset this morning. First thing, yesterday, I met your wife at the Rotolo's for not calling when the ladies hosted. So, I called her up yesterday to help her out and she starts the whole conversation with a bold-faced lie. She said you were on Broadway. Deep inside, I'm not sure I can ever trust her again. The other thing that's got me upset, my basketball coach, Coach Martin, absolutely thought about going to Marquette. 
Fletch: Apparently, he has decided not to, he's taken his name out of the Marquette...
Dr. TV: The Marquette Market? The bad thing is that I know bad things come in three's. Your wife broke our trust, Martin going to Marquette, what's the third going to be?
Fletch: That Martin doesn't take the Marquette job but he does go somewhere else. 

Matt Yoder from AWFUL ANNOUNCING :

Greg Anthony:
Yoder: I think there's one criticism that I had, he tends to dominate the broadcast system and he talks a lot. Anthony brings more energy to the broadcast booth. I think it actually lifts Jim Nantz energy level. I think it also puts Kellogg in a better position to joke around and be laid back. It puts both of these guys in a situation that plays their strengths. 

Does Barkley feel like a fit for the college game?
Yoder: Barkley is never going to give you the X's and O's and the kind of expertise that previous announcers have given. But if he has to, he will be able to break down the game and do it in an entertaining way. He may not know the differences between Harvard and Delaware, or why Dayton is making their run, but he'll be able to bring that congenial atmosphere as opposed to last year with that awkward pairing. One of them looked like they were going to kill each other. 

Who do you like in the Final Four?
Yoder: I went 0-4 in this. I gotta go with Kentucky though. Aaron Harrison, his shot-making against Michigan was incredible. If the Harrison's are playing like that, then you've got random guys who are scoring off the bench. They are peaking at just the right time, they are playing like the No. 1 preseason team in the country. I look at the rest and see that Florida has whooped them before, but this is a different Kentucky team. 

Same team, same skill, same players. Who has the better team, Bill Donovan or John Calipari?
Yoder: I think Billy Donovan gets so little respect for what he's accomplished nationally. These are two guys that operate so differently. I think they are two guys that both get it done in two different ways. I don't really know if you can say one is better than the other, but I think they can both accomplish both of their goals in different ways.

We're almost a month away from the draft, couple of different mock drafts feature Saints taking Ealy at 27th pick. If you had the Saints pick, would you go for a position or best-player-available? 
Yoder: We've seen this franchise go the "best-player-available" route, but if there's a CB there or a WR, those are the two positions I'm going to go for. 

Who will be the first player chosen?
Yoder: Well you might as well throw darts at a board to try and decide. Maybe Houston will trade because there isn't that No. 1 selection. I know Manziel's pro-day was covered like the greatest thing in the history of the Western Civilization, there were former President's there. I think Houston has a talented roster, but if you throw Johnny Manziel in there, I think he can excite the franchise. At the No. 1 pick, if you passed on a franchise QB, I think you could regret that forever. 

Cupcake made his FIRST funny joke that was appropriate!
A Cowboys fan brought breakfast to the crew. Fletch asked if he brought a Romo special? Cupcake asked "Did you bring us turnovers?"

They have successfully cloned a dinosaur.