Wednesday, April 16, 2014

All You Can Eat for D1 Athletes, Ron Higgins from Times Picayune talks Clement Mubungirwa!

NCAA has settled on a decision to give D1 athletes unlimited meal access.

Zack: From an LSU band members perspective, we pulled up to Auburn and they had a Chik-Fil-A truck waiting for us, and it was the best eating I'd had in a long time. LSU does things really well, if a football player wants a protein shake or a protein bar or whatever, they have access to it. They get to go to the front of the line. At LSU it isn't a problem, being behind the scenes and seeing how all of it works, I don't believe the whole thing entirely but I do agree with Sports Wife that they need to set something up across board regulation.
Fletch: NCAA kind of throws the spaghetti noodle on the cupboard and says "There ya go, make something out of it."

Another rule the NCAA passed, they lessened the rule for testing positive for marijuana during a championship from being suspended for a full its been reduced to a half season. 

Big Jerry Tillery: The band member doesn't practice like a football player all day and moving that much. Now athletes don't room with their other teammates, they room with other students. If your parents don't have money, you know you can't work because NCAA rules deal away with that.

On Little Jerry Tillery: 
Big Jerry Tillery: He's still committed at Notre Dame, the only thing I've told him is to still just go see what else is out there because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I told him to talk to everybody and don't go to a school because of the coach because as we all know, coaches come and go.

RP: I think I have a solution for the NCAARP: MRE's.

Ron Higgins from the Times-Picayune talks Clement Mubungirwa:
Higgins: I can't say enough about the kid and how much Episcopal supports him. It's a remarkable story, how this kid overcame ALL this stuff and he gets in 30 minutes, after all of these pleads, a hand vote and "Alright, next.". To me that was the most stunning thing of all. You don't want to go deliberate it? Nothing? They asked two was "do you have any brothers and sisters because this rule would apply to them also."
Typically Ron writes about LSU and the SEC, this topic is outside of the box. 

Fletch: It seems like we hear these cases too often where kids are taken out of the situation and adults put themselves in that position and think that's how a child would think. Why have an appeals committee if you never even change the rules?
Higgins: Louisiana gets criticized for a lot of things, for the education system, the government choices, lots of things, and this is their chance to prove people wrong about their criticism. Dale Brown called and was stunned and said he would pay for his first semester of college. When they told Cle, he didn't even know who Dale Brown was, and they told him he coached Shaquille O'Neal, I will never forget the look on his face, total shock. People just don't realize how grateful this kid is. I hoping these people will look at this logically and look at all of the stuff people are giving the NCAA, they aren't trying to cheat, they're just trying to do that right thing.
Fletch: There is progress right?
Higgins: There is, and I know Dale called a lot of people. Episcopal's AD has served on so many committees and has done so much, she always plays by the rules and this one case is one where she's trying to bend the rules. If you saw the picture of him when he was still an African refugee, it's a typical African refugee picture that you'd see in National Geographic. If anyone saw this picture of him barely clothed, no shirt on with barely anything on, barefoot, standing in the dirt, and with those hungry eyes staring back into the camera, no one can say "no" to that.

If you'd like to help Clement out, contact your state legislator or even by simply going on Twitter and RT'ing or tweeting with the hashtag: #LetClePlay

Mike: I was just going to chime in on the young man who seems to be an outstanding man, it tugs at your heart strings, and I also want to say I don't have a dog in this fight, I don't have an alliance with the LHSAA, as a matter of fact I volunteered coaching for the last 10 years and picking up students. The point is everything has to be subjective. "He can't be 6'1 but he can be 5'11" that kind of thing.