Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Look the Draft Grading System; Tyler Summitt is the Talk of the Town!

Player of the Day: Northwood's Deauton Delgado

Taking a trip into the NFL Draft ~~~~~******~~~~~~
How do teams typically grade players?

Chicago Bears Draft Board:

First, come up with a number system

8.0 = A special player, will impact the game, and dominates his position.
7.0 = A potential pro bowler, a player you win because of.
6.5 = A solid rank and file starter you could win with
6.0 = A solid backup who could start, but limited
5.5 = A role player but not a starter. A specialist
5.0 = A talented player, but not draft able. Developmental

Next, the letter system. 


A = No concerns, an exemplary person, top intangibles, a leader
B = Good person, not great, but a guy you want on your team, dependable.
C = Some issues, need to work with him, can't trust 100 person, but can live with him
D = Some character flaws, can't trust him, really don't want him, but would consider late
F = Character reject, don't want him under any circumstance


A = Clean, no major surgeries, no missing of practices or games
B = Overall good missed some practice time and games with small injuries
C = Had major surgery but came back from it, no real missed time
D = Multiple surgeries, missed practice time and games throughout career, risk
F = Too many medical issues and concerns, won't hold up and hasn't in college


A = Very bright, picks it up quickly, can coach other players, no mental errors
B = Smart, no mental errors, can make game day adjustments with, can trust
C = Needs reps but will get it, listens well, must stay on him to make sure he has it
D = Poor retention, drifts, will have it down by game day, but must rep him every day
F = Can't trust to get it, has too many mental errors, limited in what can ask of him.

Killer Dawg: I haven't heard many opinions from the Summit hire by and Tech people yet.
Roy Lang: I saw a few, I think it was shock. A couple people of, old school Tech people had said some former Tech candidates would have been good.
Killer Dawg: I know I'm reaching, but I hope we have our goals set on Nationals and not just Conference-USA.
Fletch: Would you rather have a women's basketball team that is Sweet-16 material or a men's team that's Sweet-16 type material?
KD: Well, many years ago I would've said women's but lately I've just been into the guys.

RL: This solves the recruiting issue immediately. If Summit comes in does what he needs to do, gets them to a championship, he'll be gone not long after that.
Fletch: I'm sure he wants to coach the Lady Vols team.
RL: I'm sure they would want him too!
Fletch: It's a perfect fit and a perfect start but don't anyone think this is a Leon Barmore situation.

Fletch: Does it make you feel better or worse that Summit is Cupcake's age?
Bubba: I have a son that age too! You take a real high risk gamble, you know as soon as Weatherspoon was let go from Tech, people started calling in to the office giving them names.
Fletch: His learning was from the knee of his mother. It's going to be pretty cool to see that once everything gets started.

Dr. TV: I have a comment and then like a multi-part question. I understand what the newspaper business is like. Here's my comment, I miss Ed Hardy. Rate specifically the coaches kids that Tech has hired so far. And if you could think bigger, is there like a Mount Rushmore of coaches kids?
RL: It's become almost a joke if it's a rule that you have to be a legacy to be a new coach.

G$: How far has the average coaching age dropped since McClelland has been there?
Fletch: Well, this is his first hire since he's been there.
G$: I sold insurance once and you want someone new and fresh so you can teach them your ways.

Big Jack: If you have anything to do with the sports section then you too....but I want to complain about the Mavericks. They have never been on the front page and they are only pro team here. The UL-L Cajuns are the No. 1 team in Louisiana they should be on the front page.
RL: So, you would take off an LSU story to put a story about the Mavericks?
BJ: Yes.
RL: How many fans go to those games?
BJ: Well not many because no one is reporting about it.
RL: So it's the newspapers fault?

Tyler Summitt is going to be on "The Fletch and Roy Show" this week. 
RL: What do we talk about with him? Grand Theft Auto?
Fletch: Maybe I should pick up Pearce from Middle Magnet and see if he can spark up some conversation.

Donaldsonville High School coach arrested after he admitted to giving steroids to a student athlete. Led the student to believe they were pills of just amino acids/protein that would help them perform in sports. 

What from Pat Summitt's way of coaching is Tyler bringing with him?
RL: A lot of it has to be natural. He was at practice and without realizing it, he will probably do what his mother did, because that's what he grew up on.
Fletch: Coach Dooley wasn't like Vince Dooley, but he coached more like Nick Saban. He grew up with Vince Dooley but worked for Saban. So there's an example of the opposite situation.
RL: Here's another thing, is today Tyler Summitt's first press conference?
Fletch: I think he handled the press conference when Pat stepped down. I thought at the press conference when Pat wasn't there, but they announced she was leaving, he handled that. And I've been doing radio for 15-16 years now...this is the most we've EVER talked about the Lady Techsters.
RL: Congratulations Tommy McClelland.