Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014 Masters Challenge; Todd Walker in Studio and Roy Lang from Augusta!

We're all about contests on this radio program and now that March Madness is over, it's time for the Masters Challenge. 

Get a free beer at Rotolo's while watching the Master's for those who call in and pick a number for the contest! If your name is on the list tell them at Rotolo's for your free beer, only DURING the Masters!

Wade is the Cupcake of our contest because he always loses, therefore he is a loser. (Wade, we don't actually think you're a loser.)

Todd Walker joins us in the studio!

Todd Walker: Calvary Baptist is on a 4-win winning streak. They had a good win against North Webster the other night and tomorrow night they will go over to play against the Loyola Flyers.
Fletch: They have a great ballpark.
TW: They have a beautiful park, and they have a decent team this year, they can beat you on any night of the week they want to.

RP: Before you get into LSU with me, I have got to ask Todd why his team is trying to bring back the single-handedly, the mullet.
TW: It's awful. Isn't it amazing how full-circle that is? I asked them if they have girlfriends and only the center-fielder has one.
RP: I've told them, if you all bring back parachute pants and bandanas around your legs...
Fletch: Then I'll be stylish again! Yes!

Roy Lang from the Shreveport Times joins us on the air from Augusta National.

Lang's Top 3 Picks:
1) Hideki Matsuyama
2) Thorbjorn Olesen
3) Jason Day
4) Jordan Spieth

Fletch: Hows the ground looking?
RL: I wouldn't say it's soggy, if David Toms were playing this weekend, you may think he was playing a little soft. But by no means is there any puddles or any mud. It doesn't really favor anybody, it sort of takes the David Toms type out of it. You're looking at whoever can put the best.

Fletch: You didn't see an oddity in promotion, but you hd to have seen a manager rant.
TW: Ironically enough, I played for just a lot of low-key guys. None of them ever got thrown out of games. Buddy could get hot a few times when I was playing for Colorado. I actually thought about that as a coach, does it help your team by going out there and performing like that? And I think in some cases it does fire up the team, but I'm not about to do that.

The biggest news in baseball so far has been about Josh Hamilton diving into first base and being out for 6-8 weeks. Did you ever dive into 1st base and was it on purpose and what are your thoughts on Hamilton?
TW: The clarification is, when you're leading off and they pick you off. I don't remember them getting on us too many times about certain things but the one thing they stressed on EVERY team was run through the bag on 1st. It usually happens with a guy who is trying to prove something.
Fletch: He's a gamer!
TW: Yeah, like I'm a gamer! And he looks like he's really trying but if you get hurt and you're a big money guy, I remember the stress and importance of not diving into the bag.
Fletch: When I was a kid no one was diving in head first to any base. Are you a diver or a slider?
TW: I generally had my momentum going from my upper body. I used both but on steals, generally I went diving in.

Fletch: It's been kind of a down year for high school baseball. The high school ranks, there aren't really any big studs, but do you see that on the horizon when you go to play other teams?
TW: No. I've got 15 freshmen, 10 of them are 1st basemen. The harsh reality is on our group I don't have much. You'd asked me the reason and the only thing I could say is kids have choices to go to high school anywhere they want. Byrd should be excellent every year like a power house reloading every year, so I don't know, it thins out because of the different options you have now. They treat high schools like college now, you get to go visit them and then make your pick.