Thursday, March 6, 2014

Who's It Going To Be: Top Seeds NCAA Tournament + LSU Quarterback

Top 4 Seeds NCAA Tournament

Fletch's number one's: Florida, Witchita St, Arizona, Virginia 
Dr TV agrees with Florida and Witchita St but what about Villanova? 
Discussion on who is getting their doors blown off wraps up with 'No one wants the number one seed, do they?'
Dr TV: Are kids not competitive? Do they want to lose on purpose so they don't get 1Seed? 
Fletch: I can't imagine that- True ballers want to win. I'm so competitive I kill myself trying to beat Pearce in horse!

7 QB offers pepper the landscape from Auburn- shotgun approach?

LSU Quarterback Position Up For Grabs...

Harris- Jennings in a tight race for starting QB at LSU
When asked, Brandon said he has enjoyed the food more than anything else- Steak and potatoes anytime he wants, étouffée... The works!

It's such an adjustment from high school to college- complete structure to managing your own schedule- assumption would be that it's too much for a true freshman to take the reigns of leadership for the Tigers in Death Valley. Jennings has such a head start on Harris- he did struggle when put in for Mettenberger but he will have a full year under his belt when football season rolls around.
... BUT we are hearing more and more about Brandon Harris.

Penn St Rob Bolden is still lurking around LSU too.
Dual-threat quarterback transferred to LSU from Penn State before 2012 season.  Redshirted 2012.  After playing in 20 games, including 15 starts at quarterback in two years at Penn State, he hasn't played in a game at LSU.  Played in 10 games with eight starts as a true freshman in 2010, with nine starts in 2011.  Threw for 2,045 yards and seven TDs at Penn State.  

Cupcake and Fletch get into a repulsive conversation about men scratching themselves.
Fletch is concerned that Cupcake is going to say something goofy about KSLA on live radio that will get him fired because he has NO FILTER.
Cupcake's response: Thank you
Fletch: That's not the right response.

Oldest person in the world celebrates her 116th birthday- Big tip- get 8 hours of sleep!