Friday, March 14, 2014

TGIF! Todd Walker and JP from Rotolo's. Are You in the Caller Hall of Fame??

JP and EH talk about a guy they both know who practiced scrambling aka television encryption. 
JP: This guy has plenty of money for cable, dish, and directTV all together. But one day I went over there and he started showing me all of the channels and I said "Dude, you know that's illegal? Like you could go to jail for that?" And he just said "Yeah I know man, I've just been living on the edge too much with cable."

Saints moving part of their training camp to West Virginia?
EH: Maybe it's good they get to get away from all of it. Like a vacation.
JP: I think it's good to get away, but I would rather try and go somewhere that would have a helping fan base. Like Arkansas, or Mississippi.

EH: I mean the couch really isn't that bad.
JP: Especially if there's a late game on? Yeah, I'll just stay on the couch.

Southern Miss. is 27-5 and TECH is 26-6.

AJ McArron:
Who's to say he's not that much worse than other guys? Don't intangibles mean something to a QB?
JP: I think he could be picked up in the later rounds, like 4th. You know like maybe someone has a decent QB that isn't a stud, and then they'd pick up AJ and let him get comfortable but not replace their own QB.

Todd Walker in the house along with John Psalmonds from Rotolo's!

Todd Walker: Darren Sproles, without really knowing, see he's got the most TD's of any running back, but when you go to look at him, they look at him like Lesean McCoy. Now for the wives of the athletes, sometimes they don't know everything that's going on behind the doors and I just don't really understand all of the bashing. Just the emotional public bashing, I've never understand. I think there's various stages of your life where you go for the money, or where you go for the team that wins, or you go because you genuinely want to play there. That's why I went to the Cubs. I didn't get paid much money to go there, but I wanted to play there in Chicago and had 3 of the best years of my life.
You have to really consider the money because there's only a short time period where you'll be considered.

Cupcake: When did you see the athletic bashing?
TW: You know, one thing I saw and wish I would've done was to take classes on how to deal with the public and the media. Lessons and classes on how to deal with things like that. You can feel a certain way but it's not always best to express those feelings to the press.

EH: What coach was the toughest on you?
TW: A lot of the football coaches are tough. I still remember in a football game, I was called on the reverse, and of course I fumbled and he was in my face for a long time and I still remember this. I think back and I'm like "Man, was I really that air headed back then?".

JR: You know you're in big trouble for not doing the SEC report? I've always wondered how pay works in MLB.

TW: Vinny Castillo signed a contrast that would pay him for the next 30 years, so that team saved money. Most players get paid every year. You get paid during the season or you can choose to get paid throughout the year.


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