Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SMOOTHIE KING'S TECH TUESDAY! LSU's Upcoming Season: Studs or Duds?

Giants are coming at Saint's Bryan de la Puente
Billy: If Cowboys are smart, they let DeMarcus Ware go. When teams pay big money for their QB, they decline. Look at everyone that has done it. Saints are stuck with big QB salary and they are piecing together what they can. They need half million dollar guys that play like 5million dollar guys. 

Anthony Jennings comments concerning communicating with players on and off the field. That’s something Brandon Harris can’t just pick up on, the camaraderie. But Harris can learn the play books. That may be what holds Harris to Jennings.
Palmer: He knew that Harris’ advantage was going to be speed and talent and with Jennings it would be strength and knowledge of the plays and the knowledge of the game around him. It’s very obvious that Jennings is the candidate for starting QB. Harris has loose foot work and doesn’t know where to go during plays, but that’s a lot for a freshman to come in and then a month later expect to be as good as the high school level. It stinks for Harris going from being incredibly talented at the high school level, and then going to what is almost silent at the college level. 

Brandon Harris in the hunt for the starting position for this upcoming season?
Palmer: Not ideal. 

Who are some other guys that have gotten bigger?
Rashard Robinson still kind of looks the same twig. Two linebackers that came in last year and were a little overweight and pudgy and not ready to play, they’ve trimmed up and are ready. Avery Peterson, he broke his ankle early in camp but he really looks more physically developed this time.

John Diarse: 
Palmer: He’s running right now with the first team and it’s an interesting case because the guy didn’t grow up playing WR and he’s having to learn routes and he’s not very fast, but he’s thick. He’s a very good athlete and he catches the ball well. How ready he is to break out as a red shirt freshman? That’s hard to see. 

Is the TE going to be at play? 
Palmer: It sounds good, doesn’t it? I don’t see it because it doesn’t happen. Les Mile’s offense since 2008 hasn’t used a TE like that. I just can’t buy into that theory until it happens. I mean Dylan Gordon is a physical specimen just walking by him the past few days. The guy to watch is DeSean Smith. Just watching him I know he’ll be at LSU for only three years. He may be the only TE to leave and not catch a TD pass but the guy is huge. 

Tiger Basketball:
Palmer: It's pretty clear that Georgia is better than LSU and that's pretty unbelievable, that Georgia is better. They couldn't keep the driver off the free throw line. When O'Bryant doesn't score, they generally struggle. Georgia came in to Baton Rouge and just whipped them. 

Mark Fox is hands down the SEC coach of the year, was coaching part of the loss for LSU against Georgia?
Palmer: That's been the hot topic down here in Baton Rouge. A lot of the talk has been whether there will be new coaching staff members. Thy may need a bench coach. The most maddening thing this past weekend was :30 left and Mickey was dribbling at half court, not a breakaway or anything, and Johnny Jones is screaming the play he wants to him to run, but he doesn't realize he still has a timeout. Mickey was trying to figure out what Jones was trying to do and ended up not making the shot, allowing Georgia to go into the half ahead by 2 points. 

Prediction for LSU: Blow out for Bama or Play for the SEC Championship?
Palmer: I'd be more shocked if they were playing the SEC Championship. 

Who's your pick to win, besides Florida, your Dark Horse?
Palmer: I'd probably just take Florida and the terrible odds! I don't think Georgia has the ability to get hot against Florida. Florida is just on a different level right now, I saw a bracket that had Florida every where they were supposed to go and then all of the other teams had "Field" in their blanks. 



Yoder: It seems that my sources have told me you are having a little struggle with the weight loss challenge.
Fletch: Well, luckily I'm going to Vegas for the next five days so I won't be gaining weight.

Yoder: Oh geez...

Saints Talk: 
Yoder: The Sproles one is the only one I think was really a surprise for Saints fans because his name wasn't on the chopping block. Lance Moore, Stills, we were kind of having those ideas. But Sproles? That's a lot of holes that the Saints are going to have to replace because of all that he covered. Darren Sproles production percentages has dropped significantly over the years.
Fletch: And it wasn't going to get better. I love Sproles. He fit what Sean Payton and Drew Brees are doing offensively and what they needed. He's 30 years old. After 29 they start seeing the newbies.  They can't pay Sproles $5M for another year of dwindling play activity. 
Yoder: There's only one name and that's Cluster from the Kansas City Chiefs that could be the guy for the Saints offense that Darren Sproles or Reggie Bush was. If you were looking for a guy to fill that hole I think he would be that guy. 

Free Agency:
Yoder: We may touch it if there's a big media moment, but we're more into the draft because there you can really judge ESPN Network. 
Fletch: Demarcus Ware for what he's getting, release him, or reduce him? What do you do if you're the Cowboys? 
Yoder: It's a tough decision for the Cowboys, Ware when he's healthy is one of the few game changers in the league on defense. He pretty much single-handedly wrecked Saints. It's sort of similar to what the Saints are doing with Jimmy Graham. How much of the cap are you willing to tie into a player?