Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SEC Baseball With Bayou Bengal Insider, Hunt Palmer

HUNT PALMER joining us today

Huge surprise that Tennessee is starting out so hot and been so consistent
Doesn't hurt when the coach's kid is 6'6 and can throw heat.

Early in the season disappointment- Alabama
The guys that were really good at the end of the year last year haven't delivered this year
Biggest fail has been Florida- they just can't score. 
Fletch: is Miss St and Kentucky going to be able to keep this hot streak going?
Weird with Miss St- they don't have a dominant starting pitcher, so they have one guy that throws for 3 innings and then they go to their bullpen
LSU plays Mississippi State at home same weekend as spring game... Should be big weekend
Kentucky has 2 good players, they had a disappointing year last year, but they have a little chip on their shoulder now.

Vandy has no players and LSU handled them well last time. There is low tread on the tires there (Vandy only has seven scholarship players). If they keep Johnny O'Bryant in they will do well. vandy got smacked by Tennessee in their last game, so the 'Dores might be fizzling out. 

Florida, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee 
Does Mizzou have a chance? They haven't been a good road team and the coach has not anything with the talent they have.

I was high on Syracuse but they are tanking.
One of our really smart callers (dr.TV... of course, all of our callers are smart!) said maybe Wichita St needs to lose a game in order to get that monkey off their back before the tourney... what do you think, Hunt? 
"They were in the final four last year, so why can't they keep winning and make it? 

 Said earlier we are Brandon Harris fans, don't want to look too much into this, but we are reading quite a bit that there is a battle for number one between Brandon and Anthony Jennings.
Hunt: It's not ideal to have a true freshman as starting QB-however, everything we hear from that building (football facility)... the rave reviews of Harris is overwhelming. He is making an impression with the coaches and his teammates.
the mood at Spring practice is overwhelmingly positive- So much talent- Les will tell us everyone looks awesome- for a month all we will hear is how amazing everyone is. No one will really see a peek at the real deal until spring game. 

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