Monday, March 3, 2014

Saints' Jimmy Graham Argument HEATS UP and Why ESPN Is Full Of Jerks

Jimmy Graham debate revisited...
Fletch: Numbskulls think giving up Jimmy Graham for a couple of first round picks is a GREAT IDEA! 'Fletch! We'd be set for life!'
Really? Mark Ingram was a first round pick... How'd that work out? 

Willie Roaf, Joe Johnson, Kyle Turley, Duece McAllister, Dante Stallworth, Will Smith, Jammal Charles, Robert Meachem, Sedrick Ellis, Malcolm Jenkins, Cameron Jordon, Patrick Robinson, Reggie Bush... All 1st Round picks. A few stars, couple of solid players... A few busts as well.

If Jimmy Graham plays somewhere else next year, Brees will tank!

Ralph: Wasn't it 55 years ago Wilt Chamberlain hung a 100?
Graham needs to stay happy and stay in New Orleans.
Killer Dawg: Brees isnt tanking because of just one guy! 
Fletch: Yeah- I was exaggerating. 

Dr TV: Why would you hitch your network to a provider that isn't the biggest dog?
Fletch: there was a stand off for a while... Direct TV says SEC wants to charge too much. Disney owns ABC/ESPN. Dish has the Hopper that allows you to jump past commercials, but Dish has agreed to disable the commercial hopping on ABC programming.
Are we going to be able to buy SEC games? Not the ones on SEC Network!
If they come to an agreement.
Dish is rolling out ALL products without the dish- more like Netflix- and will be available on multiple devices. 

Dr TV: Paid like a very good tight end- Brees is going to want a good tackle and cornerback. I'm disappointed with Graham for not dealing and getting better money- now he's going to get that franchise money.

Pro Football talk says Romo agrees to restructure his deal to give Cowboys $10 million in Cap Room. They were $1 million away from salary cap. Romo will take 12.5 in bonus instead of base pay. So he's taking one for the team! Sort of- he's still getting his money.

Steve: Let Miles Austin go. Damarcus Ware maybe still has a couple of years.
I would take 2 first round picks for Graham in a heartbeat.
Fletch: No one has redefined position like Jimmy Graham
Steve: I coached with Don Shows and the one thing that made him special: Every Thursday we would meet. He was the offensive line coach at Northwestern and when he would get in front of those kids he was magic. He was innovative, creative, there was no one in the business that could come up with trick plays like him!

SportsWife: Fletcher- your commercials are too long! It's like watching Daffy Duck trip down a hill.
Fletcher: I can't stop talking!

Bubba: It's a brilliant move to get 2 first round picks for Jimmy Graham!
Fletch: Bubba- Saints have their once in a generation Quarterback and they need to keep him happy. I can't see the Saints getting that much better by letting one of their weapons go.

Dennis Dunn calling in.
2004 was the last time I coached against Shows. 
It's a sad day for high school football. 
Shows not only turned around a football team, he turned around a school. No one could rally a community like Shows. 
He thought so much about the young men he coached- he wasn't all about the wins and losses.

ESPN and McMurphy are at top of their position and don't give a rip if they rip off stories.
Letter to the ESPN ombudsman is in order. Not the first time Fletch has had to deal with this. Cowherd wrongly blasted Fletch and KTBS a while back and went back and forth with emails but in the end ESPN and Cowherd gave Shreveport's own the finger and didn't look back. 

Babba Ganosh: You let Nolan Ryan go, you let half of the pitching staff go because you think you are a genius...

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